YouTube Music Adds New Feature – Real-Time Lyrics

Nowadays, music streaming services offer real-time lyrics to enhance the user’s listening experience. Services like Spotify and Apple Music have already implemented this feature, but YouTube Music was lagging behind.

However, YouTube Music has finally caught up with its latest update by providing automatic real-time lyrics tracking while a song is playing. This improvement is much better than the previous manual method available on the platform.

he new update for YouTube Music is pretty cool! Now, when you listen to a song on the app, the lyrics will automatically sync with the music. This means that you can easily follow along with the lyrics as they highlight, and the text size will even increase in the Lyrics tab. If you’re into singing along, this feature will make it a lot easier for you!

Google worked with MusixMatch to create this feature, and it’s also powered by LyricFind. This partnership means that the lyrics are accurate and reliable, and they’re synced in real-time. So, you can trust that you’re getting the right lyrics at the right time!

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There’s no exact date for when it will be available, but people have already shared pictures of this new feature on both Android and iOS. A few people on Reddit have said that they’ve already seen it on their Androids with app version 5.51.50, which means it’s likely coming out very soon!

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