YouTube and Spotify Absent from Apple Vision Pro’s Launch

Apple’s highly anticipated venture into the world of mixed reality, the Apple Vision Pro, is set to make its debut on February 2 in the US. However, excitement might be tinged with a bit of disappointment for potential users, as two major players in the streaming arena, YouTube and Spotify, have announced their decision not to release dedicated apps for the device. This development comes on the heels of Netflix’s similar stance, leaving customers wondering about the streaming landscape on Apple’s groundbreaking mixed reality headset.

The YouTube Dilemma:

In a surprising move, YouTube, one of the world’s most popular video streaming platforms, has chosen not to offer a standalone app for the Apple Vision Pro at launch. This decision was confirmed by Alphabet-owned YouTube in a statement to Bloomberg. While active subscribers may still be able to access content through the built-in Safari browser, the absence of a dedicated app raises questions about the immersive ‘Environments’ feature, leaving users without a seamless and integrated experience.

The Spotify Conundrum:

Adding to the streaming void, Spotify, a global music streaming giant boasting over 600 million users, also revealed its decision not to provide a standalone app for the Vision Pro. The absence of Spotify, which commands a substantial 30 percent market share, is likely to be felt by users looking to enjoy their favorite tunes in the mixed reality environment. The report suggests that Spotify will not permit users to access the iPad app on the headset, further limiting the streaming options for Vision Pro owners.

Hopes for Future Support:

While YouTube and Spotify have opted out of launching dedicated apps for the Apple Vision Pro, there remains a glimmer of hope for users. Apple allows developers to enable users to access the iPad version of their apps on the mixed reality headset. This, however, will not be an option for YouTube users, according to the company. The potential introduction of dedicated apps running on visionOS, Apple’s operating system designed for the headset, could be a game-changer in the future.

Accessing YouTube and Spotify via Safari:

In the absence of standalone apps, users of YouTube and Spotify will have to resort to accessing these platforms via the built-in Safari browser on the Apple Vision Pro. While this provides a workaround for enjoying content, it falls short of providing the immersive and integrated experience that dedicated apps offer.

Supported Streaming Services:

Despite the notable absentees, the Apple Vision Pro will still launch with support for various streaming apps and services, including heavyweights like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, and Apple TV+. This diverse lineup ensures that users will have access to a range of content options, from movies to sports and entertainment.


As Apple’s foray into mixed reality unfolds, the absence of dedicated YouTube and Spotify apps at launch leaves room for speculation about the evolving dynamics between tech giants and streaming platforms. While current users may have to settle for Safari browsing, the potential for dedicated apps in the future could enhance the overall user experience on the Apple Vision Pro. As the device hits the market on February 2, it remains to be seen how this development shapes the future landscape of mixed reality streaming.

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