Your Throne Webtoon Ending Explained: ‘Marry Me’

Your Throne is a fantasy webtoon that started two years ago, but has now ended. The webtoon ended in June 2022 after a special episode followed by the latest episode. Your Throne is one of the best webtoons, a must read. This webtoon, also known as I Want to Be You, is written and illustrated by Just for a Day and SAM. It started at the beginning of January 2020, but now it has revealed its beautiful ending, which we will discuss shortly. Your Throne became popular and led the LINE webtoon to release an official English translation in 2020.

This webtoon tells the story of Medea Solon and Psyche Callista, who become enemies after their graduation. The two are competing for the princess of Vasilios’ empire. During the annual prayer, Medea and Psyche encounter a tragic event that leads them to switch bodies.

Medea is betrothed to the crown prince Eros Orna Vasilios, and Psyche has trouble seducing Medea’s intimates. She also fails to trap Medea’s childhood friend, Helio Nicolo. Tension begins at Vassilios’ empire and Lady Medea loses her place next to Solon’s crown prince Eros. But she decides to do anything to get her throne back.

The finals are about to begin and this is Lady Medea’s chance to shine and win back her throne. Psyche also has other plans, and Eros believes that Medea will succeed. Hellion wants to prove that Medea is still in Psyche’s body, but Eros knows it’s time for his next step. Eros also received a gift from the Pope. But he was surprised when Sai did not know about the gift. The superiors announced that they were in the finals. Let’s find out what we have in the end below.

Your Throne Webtoon Ending Explained (Episode 126)

The latest update is titled “Marry Me” and the story begins with Nana speaking alone. Nana realizes that he is waiting for the day when the Duchess shines and the main event of the finals is about to begin. A large number of people had gathered in the hall and the heroic warriors were ready to perform. One of Helio’s maids reminds him that it is time for his entrance. Helio agreed and began to move forward, thinking of the lady who everyone thought was nothing without her title.



He believes that people are wrong to think that a lady is nothing without her title. Helio keeps walking thinking and realizes that the lady was born poor and shines. He realizes that once a lady dominates the finals, no one will point a finger at her or look down on her again. Meanwhile, Lady Medea appears with blood on her face and someone names her. Helio wonders if he can talk to her, but he stops because there are so many people. The incident shocked everyone and they were unable to think straight.

The royals wonder if Lady Medea has won Daphnes, but they notice that she is badly injured. They also keep complaining about her blood loss and think that those who have lost so much blood shouldn’t be. Helio looks down on her and wonders why she hid everything from him. Lady Medea looked back and noticed Helio watching her.

Eros was sitting on a throne, thinking about something, and someone approached him. Helio finds out why Medea didn’t tell him anything. He wonders if he is worthy of Meda’s attention. Medea realized that Eros had recognized it. Medea realizes that she has demonstrated her skills and is the only way for her to win the final, but she is confronted by Helio.

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Read Your Throne Online – Raw Details

As the official platform to read this webtoon is not confirmed yet you can read Me Tron different websites. 126 interesting episodes of this webtoon are waiting for you online. But this is the last latest update as this webtoon ended recently. Find out more about Your Throne below.

your throne

Is your Throne webtoon coming back?

According to reliable sources, Your Throne will return for another season. It ended just as the finale was about to start after Meded won, and it was granted that this webtoon would continue soon. The official website of this webtoon confirms the return of another season soon. When the new season of Your Throne is confirmed, we will update it.

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