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Wordle Suggestions and Answers 7 October 2022

Today’s Wordle 475 Answer: We finally got to today’s Wordle answer for the October 7, 2022, complete with tips and answers World 475 today for everyone! If you want to solve these without looking at the solution, you need to put on your thinking hat and look for unusual word forms.

Daily Wordle tips and solutions

As mentioned above, we will share some tips before revealing the solution. Scroll to the bottom of the article if you just want the answer. It is located directly below those mentioned “SPOILER WARNING” Bold. The next part offers some simple pointers (whether the word is a noun or a verb, a very broad category of what it can be, etc.) and some more specific pointers for those of you who just want a little nudge in the right direction . . . address. The latter should almost give you a clue as to what the term is.

Today’s Wordle 475 Word of the Day Suggestions

Our aim is to keep things general in this part and just guide you through the right path. At this point, the suggestions focus on the meaning of the word rather than the individual letters used in the term. Other approaches like “rhymes with”, “sounds similar to” and the like are not used. See below for more specific suggestions, followed by Wordle’s full answer after a spoiler alert. We thought we’d give you one final warning!

simple tips

These first tips will get you on the right track without giving away too much information!

  • D has the word
  • The word ending in Y
  • has a vowel
  • is a noun and an adjective

Even with only two suggestions, there are many other options to consider. In the next part we will narrow things down!

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Additional tips

If you need those stronger tips, you’ll still get credit (and keep your streak going). Let’s go one step further and be a little more specific.

  • The synonym of the word is excellent and beautiful

Wordle 475 answer

Still problems? Don’t scroll down just yet if you want to think about it further. Wordle’s answer today is in bold and posted below. It’s hard to ignore, and your eyes will naturally stray to it, so unless you want to indulge, I suggest you stop reading now. Right after that it will happen. This is your last chance!

Wordle 475’s Answer of the Day for October 06, 2022 is:

I hope you get the answer from World 475. If this article is useful to you, please share it with your friends and come back tomorrow for another wordle answer and tips :)

October 2022 Wordle Tips and Answers – Daily List

  • Oct 01 Wordle 469 answer is LEAVING
  • Oct 02 Wordle 470 answer is LINE
  • Oct 03 Wordle 471 answer is STICK
  • Oct 04 Wordle 472 answer is BRANCH
  • Oct 05 Wordle 473 answer is SWAMP
  • Oct 06 Wordle 474 answer is INERTIA

September 2022 Wordle Tips and Fixes – Daily List

  • September 4 Wordle 442 response is INTER
  • September 5 Wordle 443 response is WHOOP
  • September 6 Wordle 444 response is MOCK
  • September 7 Wordle 445 response is LERRY
  • September 8 Wordle 446 answer is CLASS
  • September 9 Wordle 447 answer is HIM
  • September 10 Wordle 448 answer is HIGH
  • September 11 Wordle 449 answer is TIBA
  • September 12 Wordle 450 answer is BRANDY
  • September 13 Wordle 451 answer is ALFA
  • September 14 Wordle 452 response is THYME
  • September 15 Wordle 453 response is DOUBT
  • September 16 Wordle 454 response is BREAK
  • September 17 Wordle 455 response is SLIDE
  • September 18 Wordle’s answer is 456 FLOOR
  • September 19 Wordle 457 answer is TRICE
  • September 20 Wordle 458 answer is HOW
  • September 21 Wordle 459 answer is RECAP
  • September 22 Wordle 460’s answer is HOLY
  • September 23 Wordle 461 answer is GLORY
  • September 24 The Wordle 462 answer is GRID
  • September 25 Wordle’s answer is 463 ADMIT
  • September 26 Wordle 464 response is REGE
  • September 27 Wordle 465 response is SQUISHY
  • 28 September The Wordle 466 answer is USURP
  • September 29 Wordle 467 answer is SCALD
  • September 30 Wordle 468 response is CONTEMPT


What is Wordle?

Well, Wordle is a web-based word game that’s very popular these days! It was designed and developed by Josh Wardle, a Welsh software engineer.

Can I play it in the apps?

Well, it was originally released for the website. But as it became more popular, developers came up with practical applications. Now you can play on both platforms.

Is it free to play?

Yes, you can play it for free.

Where can I get daily tips and answers?

Xenonesports is a site related to games. Where you can get all the updated information about the games. So you can get all daily wordle tips and answers.

Do you answer daily?

Yes, we provide daily wordle updates. I hope you get it regularly from Spotinkling.

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