Wordle Release Game Boy Wordle Version

Game Boy Wordle: Wordle, a game developed by Josh Wardle and just bought by the New York Times, is conceivably the most popular game available right now. Players may identify a five-letter phrase each day with only six guesses in this adorable little word game that has gone viral.

Although Wordle clones have proliferated all over the internet, one small endeavour stands out from the crowd. Stackmashing, a Twitter user, debuted his effort on the social networking site, showcasing a Wordle Game Boy version.

Download Wordle ROM To Play Game Boy Wordle Version

The Game Boy’s hardware limitations prevent the port from using the whole Wordle list; instead, it utilises a bloom filter to determine whether a word input is among the 8,000 most popular English terms. However, it does look really cool on the portable device, and if you have a Game Boy or Analogue Pocket, you can play it by downloading the ROM and flashing it on a cart yourself.

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