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Wordle Now Allows Players Offensive Guesses

Offensive Guesses: Naughty words can now be guessed in Wordle, but they will never be the solution. Wordle, the simple word-based puzzle game that the entire world became infatuated with around eight months ago, is still a thing. Before you decide you still don’t care, perhaps the revelation that derogatory terms are now recognised as acceptable guesses will entice you back in and have you playing the game every single day like you did at the beginning of the year.


The New York Times disclosed this week that Wordle users may now enter dirty terms and have the game accept them as legitimate guesses (via Polygon). The change is only a minor element of the upgrade NYT has made to the word collection from which the game draws. That change represents a departure from the selected list created by the game’s designers when it achieved inadvertent worldwide recognition around a year ago.

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Wordle Offensive Guesses: The modification to the list of terms you may now guess and those that will be viable replies goes beyond Worlde now recognising fucks and crap as guesses. The bulk of plurals have been deleted from the game’s bank of possible solutions, but they can still be used as guesses to help you narrow down the solution for the day. The word clocks, for example, cannot be a Wordle answer, but it is allowed as a guess. Also, plurals that do not finish in an S, such as geese, can be used as responses.

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OG Wordle users may recall a period, months ago, when offensive guesses were considered acceptable. When the New York Times purchased the game, it swiftly put an end to that. Not fully destroying everyone’s enjoyment, but reducing it significantly. The goal of reintroducing them as guesses rather than answers appears to be part of an effort to make Wordle “fun, accessible, vibrant, and diverse.” Offensive Guesses

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Wordle’s success at the end of 2021 and 2022 gave the impression that everyone was playing it at one time. It also resulted in far too many spinoffs to count on a daily basis. Everything from Destiny 2 weaponry to Sonic tunes got a spinoff that tasked gamers with completing missions.

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