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Why is Goodnight Punpun Vol 1 the highest rated manga?

Goodnight Punpun is a romantic comedy manga that ended a few years ago. This manga has more than ten volumes that are highly rated, but the first volume is the highest rated volume of this manga. The first volume of this manga also achieved huge sales in the market.

Goodnight Punpun is written and illustrated by Inio Asano and is one of the best romance manga with lots of great moments and comedy. This best rom-com manga was serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Young Sunday and later in Weekly Big Comic Spirits, and collected its chapters in thirteen tankōban volumes.

Viz Media has licensed the English version of Goodnight Punpun in North America. It became one of the top ten rom-com manga of its era when it was announced, and it made a huge impact in the manga world, inspiring many fans to read similar rom-com manga. Goodnight Punpun has the highest ratings due to its plot and romantic comedy in different story arcs. This is one of those rare manga with the best romantic comedy moments. Fans of this manga will realize after reading this that this is still the best rom-com manga being discussed.

We will be discussing the first volume of this manga and the other 12 volumes that followed, making it the highest rated volume. As good as this manga is, fans can expect an anime adaptation for such a romantic manga. It’s rare for a rom-com manga like Goodnight Punpun to have the highest rated volumes because most fans are into action-adventure manga and the manga world is too big for them to cover the entire manga. But with Goodnight Punpun, things are different as its first volume has more ranting than most manga.

Why is Goodnight Punpun Volume 1 the highest rated volume?

Volume 1 of this rom-com manga introduced the story of a girl and a boy looking for love, earning this volume the highest rating of the rest of the manga. The first volume revealed the exact plot that caught the attention of fans, making every love story clear to the reader. The way things were revealed between the two lovers in the first volume is interesting as it is not common for two lovers to fall in love that way.


Volume One is the most interesting volume that reveals everything a rom-com manga fan wants to know. Most fans were interested in volume one and rated it higher than other volumes that followed. Goodnight Punpun Vol 1 story arcs are not boring and have funny moments that fans can read. This volume greatly influenced the manga market and the storyline entered the fandom. However, no manga fan will rate a boring volume, and volume one of this manga is exceptional. Although the story between the two lovers continues in other volumes, this is the best volume.

Goodnight Punpun Volume 1 is a must-read volume for manga fans, and once you read it, you’ll realize that this isn’t just a top-rated volume for nothing. Also, the other volumes were interesting but not better than the first. The first volume revealed Punpun Punyama and his life, making it one of the highest rated volumes of this manga. It also reveals the main character’s life and the best romance.

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Goodnight Punpun Volume 1 Summary

Goodnight Punpun Volume 1 reveals the life and experiences of Punpun Onodera, a young student living in Japan with his few friends. Punpun Onodera entered four stages in his life: elementary, middle, high school and early 20s. This little boy resembles a bird and takes on other forms as his character evolves. Punpun is a gifted boy who turns to God when he is confused or depressed about life. His uncle taught him kirtans to reach God.

Aiko and Punpun

Aiko and Punpun

Panpun is a bright student who does well in school and gets along with his classmates. But he’s troubled by crazy teachers while his father deals with domestic violence allegations. Punpun continues to lead a normal life despite only having his uncle to take care of him. But Punpun falls in love with a handsome student and tries to deal with his desire for religion and other things related to love. He meets Aiko Tanaka, who steals his heart, and she accompanies him to the runway in Kagoshima.

Panpun realizes that he has met the love of his heart and will do anything to keep her with him. He consults God to find out what his future is with Aiko. The love story between the two becomes interesting even though Aiko is shy about it as Punpun is different from the other students. But Punpun has a complicated relationship with his mother that will always affect his life. While his mother was in the hospital, Yuichi took care of him. Panpun continues his life with God’s help to solve his life problems.

Goodnight Punpun Updates

Goodnight Punpun is complete after releasing the latest volume 13 which ended a few years back. Official sources like Viz Media are yet to confirm the return of this best rom-com manga for another season. Another season of Goodnight Punpun is likely to be announced soon as the love story between Aiko and Punpun continues. This is what we know about this rom-com manga.

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