Randy Fenoli’s Recently Got Engaged See Pictures

Do you want to know who Randy Fenoli’s partner is? Randy Fenoli is a famous fashion designer known for designing beautiful wedding dresses. He became even more famous after hosting TV shows like Randy to the Rescue and Say Yes to the Dress. Randy worked as the Fashion Director for a bridal boutique called Kleinfeld Bridal from 2007 to 2012. He was born in 1964 and is now 59 years old. Recently, his partner got engaged and everyone is talking about it.

Randy Fenoli wrote a fashion book called “It’s All About the Dress” in 2012, which is a must-read for fashion enthusiasts.

On a personal note, Randy Fenoli, the fashion designer and TV host, recently got engaged. Although the identity of his partner is not widely known, they are in a strong and committed relationship. We have the information on who his partner is and how their relationship started, so if you’re curious, keep reading!

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Randy Fenoli’s Partner Say Yes to the Dress Star’s Love Interest

Randy Fenoli’s partner is Mead Gopal, and you might be wondering about his background. Mead used to work as a bartender and bar manager, and he is not a fashionista. However, he is a social media personality with a large following on Instagram. Mead’s interests include dogs, books, music, and photography.

Who is Randy Fenoli's partner?
Randy Fenoli’s partner, Mead Cobalt, looks super cute (cc: Page Six)

Although Mead is not a fashion designer like Randy, she still dresses fashionably at events. This is likely due to Randy’s influence and passion for style.

As for the big news, Randy Fenoli and Mead Gopal are now engaged! This means that Randy has finally found the perfect wedding dress and said “yes” to spending the rest of his life with Mead. It seems that Mead has brought a positive change to Randy’s life.

Randy Fenoli and Mead Goble met each other in early 2022 while in Marmara, and they quickly realized they were meant for each other. This led them to start dating.

Their engagement ceremony took place in December 2022 at the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel in New York City. The event was private, with only their families and close friends in attendance. The engagement party was planned by Marcy Blum of Mixed Greens Event Designs.

Who is Randy Fenoli's partner?
Randy Fenoli and Mead Cobal show off their engagement rings (CC: Instagram)

Randy Fenoli and Mead Gopal are reportedly making plans for their wedding, which is likely to happen next year in 2024. They are currently deciding on the wedding venue, dress, and other details.

When it comes to the wedding dress, Randy has expressed his excitement and said that he has never been more excited about a dress in his entire life. He wants the dress to be timeless yet unique, something that can be seen as very classic but also stands out and is not a boring tuxedo.

Congratulations to Randy Fenoli and Mead Gopal on embarking on this new journey together. From the looks of it, there seems to be immense love between them. If you want to stay updated on their journey, make sure to follow Randy’s Instagram account, “Say Yes to Randy,” which features his fashion and style updates.

We look forward to hearing more about their wedding plans and announcements soon.

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