Who invented youtube and when was youtube bought by google

Friends, do you know who invented YouTube and when YouTube was bought by Google, if not then definitely read this article till the end where we have shared detailed information about YouTube.

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Who Invented YouTube (YouTube Ka Aviskar Kisne Kiya)

Software engineer who invented youtube Chad Hurley, Steve Chan And Javed Karim Did it together. All three are employees of PayPal.

The YouTube channel created by them is famous all over the world today, where one can watch a wide variety of videos and upload their videos. YouTube is Google’s second largest search engine, where millions of people find information.

When was YouTube invented (YouTube ka aviskar kab hua)

YouTube was discovered in February 2005, after seeing all the features of this application, YouTube was bought by Google in 2006. Let us inform you that Google has given $1.65 billion for software applications like YouTube. Even after the innovation, many updates have been brought while working on this software which makes people find it very entertaining.

In which country was YouTube invented?

YouTube was founded in San Bruno, California, USA. Today YouTube app is popular all over the world. More than 10 billion people worldwide have downloaded and used it. YouTube app has become a very good way of earning money even for common people and people living in small areas have been able to showcase their talent in front of the world with the help of YouTube.

When did YouTube start in India?

YouTube was launched in India by Chairman of UTV, Bennett Coleman & Company and Chairman of Rajshree Group. YouTube was launched in India by Google on 7 May 2008. This video platform is very popular in India. With the help of this app, there are many YouTubers from India who have become famous all over the world and have earned millions through hard work.

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