Who invented the telescope and what lens was used in the telescope

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Who invented the telescope (durbin ka avishkar kisne kiya)

The telescope was invented by a man living in Holland, but its patent Hans Lippersche That is why in many places you will see his name as the inventor of the telescope.

But it was invented by Hans Lippersche’s son in sports games. After that a great scientist named Galileo Galilei also invented a new telescope by preparing a telescope many times better than his brain.

When was the telescope invented?

The telescope was first invented in the 17th century. According to the patent, the invention of the telescope was recorded in history on 25 December 1608. This invention of the telescope happened suddenly and in game play, but it turned out to be a very amazing and rare invention. After hearing about this earlier telescope, a telescope was also built by Galileo.

When Galileo Galilei Invented Telescope

Galileo Galilei began to invent the telescope only after hearing the news of its discovery. He tried to do better than the first invention and in 1609 made a telescope that could see any object 20 times closer. Lipperschi’s telescope could see only 3 times closer, but Galileo’s telescope was much better than them.

What lens is in a telescope?

Binoculars are equipped with two types of lenses, one that makes the object visible from a distance and the other that makes the object smaller. Those two lenses are called convex and concave lenses. Telescopes are used in astronomy. This invention is very good for the help of scientists and with this invention the development in science technology is also seen.

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