Who invented the Richter scale?

Friends, in this article, we will tell in detail about who invented the Richter scale.

Who invented the Richter scale?

The Richter scale was invented by the American geologist Charles Francis Richter in 1935. It is an earthquake measuring instrument and this instrument is named after its inventor. The Richter scale is also called the local magnitude scale.

In the year 1920, a practical earthquake measuring instrument called Seismograph was manufactured. After that Charles Richter invented the local magnitude scale by making some changes in the seismograph instrument, which is now known as Richter scale.

What is the Richter scale used for?

Richter scale is a very good invention of technology. This scale is used to measure earthquakes. The Richter scale is used to measure the wave magnitudes of the waves produced by earthquakes on Earth. With the help of Richter scale, seismic waves are converted into data, which helps in earthquake research.

How does the Richter scale work?

The Richter scale normally works according to logarithms. According to this scale, the whole number conveys 10 times the meaning of its original meaning. Simply put, according to this scale, the intensity of an earthquake increases by 10 times per scale. And this scale helps in estimating the destruction caused by an earthquake.

Magnet, pendulum bob, string, rotating drum, paper, sport pen, have been used to make Richter scale. And whenever an earthquake occurs due to the magnets attached to the Richter scale, the string between the magnets starts moving due to the magnetic field.

And due to this small electric pulses are generated, which are stored in digital form and used for research.

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