Who invented the laser?

Do you know who invented the laser? If not, then definitely read this article till the end. Here we have shared complete information about the laser.

What is a laser?

The full form of Laser is Light Amplification By Stimulated Emissions Of Radiation which is called Amplification of Light by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Laser is a process in which rays are emitted in a straight line with the help of induced emission.

It is an electromagnetic radiation that travels through the direct spectrum. The rays of the laser keep moving in a straight line without spreading and without hitting any object, even if you want to reach its rays very far, it goes easily.

Who invented the laser?

Laser was invented by Theodore Maiman (Theodore Harold Maiman), his only invention was a coincidence.

When Theodore was working with the camera in his laboratory, a piece of ruby ​​was emitted by placing a piece of ruby ​​in the coil of the camera, after seeing which he began to study deeply on it and he saw the light of the bulb. It is very easy to generate a cylinder shaped beam from a flash and it will also generate energy.

Then after this the laser was invented in which pure red light emitted appeared to move in a straight line flowing through equal intervals of waves.

When was the laser invented?

The laser was invented in 1960 by the great American physicist Theodore H Maimen. And he had explained to the people after reading about the laser that it is a unidirectional ray.

Where is the laser used?

Lasers are used in the following places:

  • In scientific laboratories.
  • In type of DVD and in printer.
  • In the direction of aircraft in the security and military sector.
  • In determining the aim of the cannon and the gun.
  • Lasers are also used for physical operations in the medical field.

Do you know who invented radar?

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