Who invented the compass and what is the full name of the compass

Friends, do you know who invented the compass and what is the full name of compass, if not then definitely read this article till the end because here we have shared complete information about compass.

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Who invented the compass?

Compass in Hindi the compass Called, it was first discovered in China. Han Dynasty A compass is a large spoon-like magnetic object made by mounting magnetite ore on a bronze plate. The main function of a compass is to indicate the direction of a direction by which other directions can be determined.

When was the compass invented?

The first compass was invented by China’s Han Dynasty between 300 and 200 BC.

What is the full name of Compass?

Full name of compassthe compass”, which helps point us in the right direction no matter where we are on earth.

Which direction does the compass needle always point?

A compass needle always points towards the magnetic south pole. We know that opposite poles attract each other. Because of this the north pole of the needle is attracted to the magnetic south pole of the earth. And he goes north. That is why the compass always points north.

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