Who invented the calendar and which country made the first calendar?

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Who Invented the Calendar (Calendar Ka Avishkar Kisne Kiya)

Julius Caesar calendar

The calendar in use around the world today is the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar An astrologer named Sosygianus devised this calendar in the first century BC. The start of this calendar is considered from January.

The calendar is prepared by different countries according to their own. First the Egyptian calendar, then the Islamic calendar, the Roman calendar, the Julian calendar, and then the Gregorian calendar. Then combining all the features of these calendars, a complete calendar is made. Today the entire world is using it.

When was the calendar invented?

Well, the calendar has a lot of history. But a calendar believed to have been invented before today, dating back to 3500 BC, is based on the movement of the sun and moon. Then the Chinese calendar was created about 2500 years ago, which came into existence 57 years before the Vikram era.

Which was the world’s first calendar?

The world’s first calendar was the Julian calendar, which had 10 months in a year, which were completely different from our physical and geographical life.

We all know that at the end of one revolution of the earth, there is 1 year which should be 12 months, keeping this in mind, the Gregorian calendar was made by changing the calendar. The first Julian calendar was created in Russia, followed by the Gregorian calendar in America.

When was the calendar invented in India?

The most widely adopted calendar in India is the Vikram Sawant calendar. But the calendar in India was invented by the Government of India on 22 March 1957, named Shaka Sawant Panchang, also known as the National Calendar. This calendar is used along with the Gregorian calendar in the official calendar.

Calendar history

In earlier times, when there was no calendar, people determined day and night by the moon and the sun, as well as by the season which month falls. Astrologers used to know about festivals, sometimes there was confusion in it.

Keeping this in mind, it is expected to create a calendar. Later the calendar was made by China and the Julian calendar was created by Russia which only had 10 months.

Improvements were made to the Gregorian calendar, which is still used in many regions today. With the changing times more calendars like the Vikram Samvat calendar have been created.

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