Who invented tabla and how many varnas are there in tabla

Friends, do you know who invented Tabla and how many letters are there in Tabala, if not then definitely read this article till the end where we are going to give detailed information about Tabala.

What is in this article?

What is tabla?

Among musical instruments, tabla is an instrument used in Indian music. A tabla is a pair of two drums that play a musical caro. Especially it is used in cultural, religious and social events. In music, musical instruments are used to give harmony and without tabla, suro is not complete. Its identity in music is highly regarded.

Who invented Tabla?

Who invented tabla
Amir Khusro

Master of Table Invention Amir Khusro happened Before the invention, pakhawaz and mridangam were used in place of tabla in music. Composer Amir Khusro divided Pakhawaz into two parts, leading to the invention of tabla.

The tabla is made of sheesham wood and the palm is made of leather. Apart from this, the two parts of the tabla are given different names, one is Dugga and the other Duggi and the right side tabla is also known as Dahni.

How many letters are there in tabla?

Tabla has total 10 syllables like na, ka, ta, ti, thim, dhi, dhim, tu, dhir, din etc. All these characters can be easily captured in the form of music through tabla.

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