Who invented soap and where was the first soap used?

Friends, do you know who invented soap and first said that soap was used? If not, then definitely read this article till the end because here we have given you detailed information about soap.

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Who invented soap?

The invention of soap Babylonians By about 2800 BC. Evidence of soap making can still be seen in clay pots of that period.

And a clay tablet of this period also records the method of making soap. But soap was only used to clean cotton and wool.

After that, soap was also used in Rome. Discovered by the women of Rome while washing clothes on the banks of a river.

When was soap invented in India?

Soap was invented in India in 1897. Which was the first soap factory established in India by North West Soap Company. During the British rule in India, Leiber brothers first tried to introduce modern soap into the market in England. Then the company marketed the soap by importing it.

Then the first soap factory was established in the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. After the First World War in India, the soap business did very well. After that gradually the need of soap in India was understood and the soap business saw a lot of growth. And in today’s time, many types of soaps are used in India as well as in the whole world.

What is the formula of soap?

The general formula of soaps is denoted RCOO-Na+, where R is an alkyl group of any long chain containing 12 to 18 carbon atoms. And the formula of light soap is C17H35COOK and the formula of hard soap is C17H35COONa.

What is the chemical name of soap?

Soaps are sodium and potassium salts of long-chain fatty acids with 12 to 18 carbon atoms. In other words, soap is sodium or potassium salt of organic fatty acids with high molecular weight.

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