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Friends, today the whole world has assumed the form of a family and the condition has reached such an extent that any person can contact another person located in any part of the world in a jiffy. All this has become possible due to the invention of just one device, and that is the “mobile phone”.

Who Invented Mobile Phone?

From the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, and information revolution, this tool has had a deep impact on human life. But do you know that this who invented mobile phone brings the whole world closer? So let us tell you that it was first made on April 3rd, 1973 by American engineer Martin Cooper .

This first mobile phone was from the multinational telecommunications company “Motorola”. In 1970, he took over as an engineer at this company and began trying to make wireless communication devices, which resulted in the invention of the world’s first mobile phone.

Some features of the world’s first mobile phone :

  1. The first mobile phone made by Martin Cooper weighed about 2 kg.
  2. Once charged, that mobile could talk for 30 minutes, but it took 10 hours!
  3. At that time, its price was around 2700 US dollars (Rs 2 lakh).
  4. In 1973, it was called the 0G (Zero Generation) mobile phone.
  5. In the year 1983, 10 years after the invention of the first mobile phone, Motorola brought the first mobile market for the common people, whose name was Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Once charged, it could talk for 30 minutes. In this, 30 mobile numbers could also be saved and at that time its value was kept at US $ 3995 (₹ 295669).

When did mobile phones arrive in India?

mobile phones arrive in India
mobile phones arrive in India

12 years after the world’s first mobile phone (DynaTAC 8000X) was made on July 31, 1995, That means 23 years ago today. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) was established in India on February 20, 1997 for the expansion of telecom services.

Efforts to start mobile service in India were started by Indian entrepreneur Bhupendra Kumar Modi in the middle of 1994. His company, ‘Modi Telstra’, started mobile service for the first time in the country, and the first mobile call mobile net  was made from Kolkata to Delhi on the same company’s network (which was later known as “Spice Mobiles”).

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How many mobile phone users are there in India and the world at present?

According to the data of last year (2018), there are currently about 1 billion and 50 million mobile phone users in India, out of which about 38.69 million are smartphone users.

Since 2014, the number of people using mobile phones in India has increased very rapidly. By this year (2018), India has become the second largest mobile user and producer in the world. In the year 2014, 30 lakh mobile phones were made in India, which increased to 11 million in the year 2017. At present, China is the largest country in the world using and producing mobile phones.

The number of mobile phone users all over the world and in other countries:

Interesting and important facts about Mobile Phone

  1. Friends, you must have bought a Nokia 1100 mobile at some point or the other, but do you know that it is the best-selling mobile phone and electrical gadget in history so far? More than 250 million sets were sold all over the world, and that too, in just five years!
  2. The first mobile phone that was brought to the US market for the general public in the year 1983 was priced at $4000 at that time. That means 296440 rupees as of today!
  3. In the year 2012, the Apple company sold more than 3,40,000 iPhones every day, which means 4 iPhones were being sold every second! And more than 12 crores (41 lakhs) in a year.
  4. In 2010, US researchers found that a mobile phone contains 18 times more germs than the flush handle of our home toilet and 10 times more dirt than its seat!
  5. According to an online survey company, ‘App Annie’, people in India spend 3 hours a day on a smartphone, and the top 5 most used apps on a smartphone are Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Truecaller, and SHAREit.
  6. The world’s first mobile phone call was made 45 years ago today (1973) by Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone himself, from New York City, USA to the Bell Labs headquarters in New Jersey.
  7. About 90% to 95% of mobile phones in Japan are waterproof. The main reason for this is the habits of Japanese people, especially women. Japanese women are so attached to their mobiles that they keep their phones near them even while taking a shower. In view of this habit, every mobile phone manufacturing company in Japan has to prepare waterproof mobile phones.
  8. The world’s first smartphone was jointly created by IBM and BellSouth Cellular Company in the year 1995, 23 years ago today. It was named Simon, and it was displayed for the first time at the Wireless World Conference in America. It was purely a touch-screen phone, which was priced at $899 at the time. Apart from the phone, you could do e-mail and fax with it. It also had facilities for notes, a calendar, a contact book, etc.
  9. According to the uSwitch website, every year in the UK, people drop around 1 lakh mobile phones in the toilet and 23,000 mobile phones in the bathtub!
  10. People who get used to mobile phones have a disease which is known as “Nomophobia.” People have problems like fear of missing the phone in the house while going out, restlessness when the phone is not around, fear of losing the phone etc. Around 2 billion people worldwide are suffering from this disease and phobia.
  11. 90% of text messages sent from mobile phones all over the world are read within just 3 minutes.
  12. How much mobile bill do you pay every month? ₹ 1000 or ₹ 2000… But did you know that the highest mobile bill in the world so far is  1,06,65,060? This bill belonged to an American woman, Selina Aarons, in the year 2011.
  13. According to Guinness World Records, the Sonim XP3300 Force is the toughest mobile phone in the world. Even after dropping it from 84 feet above, neither there was any defect in it nor any of its parts were broken!
  14. The world’s first camera phone was manufactured by Sharp Corporation of Japan in November 2000. The model number of this phone was Sharp J-SH04 .
  15. Last year (2017), around 153.65 crore mobile phones were sold all over the world. In which Samsung (32.12 crore) and Apple (21.49 crore) had the largest share.

What is the name of the world’s most expensive mobile phone and to  which company does it belong?

So let us say that the name of that precious mobile phone is—Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6. It was made in the year 2014 by an American company, “Falcon”, and its price was 3 billion 24 crores. The main reason why it is so expensive is the pink-colored diamond on the back of this phone, which is one of the most precious diamonds in the world.

When will 5G service launch in India?

Currently, 5G service is not available for commercial use globally, but the  Ministry of Communications plans to bring it to India as soon as possible. 5G service in India is likely to start by the year 2022 or 2023. Reliance Jio and Samsung are currently trying to develop this technology together in the country.

Finally, one more question…

Can you tell what the difference between mobile and wireless is?

The terms mobile and wireless are not the same, though they look alike. The main differences are the methods of working between these two and the different advantages of both.

The specialty of mobile phones is that they can work in the home, office, city, or anywhere outside the city, even in a remote place etc. There is a system to work wherever you want. From any place we can use mobile, whereas Wireless/Wireless LAN (Local Network) means connecting two different types of devices etc. without wires and working normally as if connecting wires were done.

Mobile means that you can take your work wherever you want, whether you are at home, sitting on a plane, in a hotel, wherever you are, you can take its benefits while sitting there, even if you have to talk.

Whether to open a new file or folder by connecting your mobile to a computer or to exchange some data or send an e-mail or watch, through mobile you can take information from all over the world with you, see You can and use them wherever you want.

Whereas wireless means that your devices (computer, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.) are connected wirelessly to a particular system such as wireless lane, GPRS, Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, etc. They work to connect modern devices without wires.

You can view and send your emails through them, and  print the documents you want from a distance, while there is no wire or any kind of physical connection between the two devices.

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I hope you Have to know all information about the mobile phone, who invented mobile phone? If you Have any doubt comment on the comment box.

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