Who invented Ludo?

In the Present day people interests are shown in different types of games. Of which the most famous indoor game is “Ludo”. Currently Ludo is a popular game played not only by the Indian people but also by the people from all over the world.

In earlier times Ludo was played in offline mode only with the help of Cardboard, but currently it is being played in online mode on mobile or computer also.

So let’s know about some more interesting things related to Ludo and know who invented Ludo?.

What is Ludo?

Who invented Ludo?

Ludo is an indoor game. Which is played by two, three, or four people at home. But in Denmark this game is played by 6 people.

According to the ancient texts, the game Ludo is derived from the game named “Pachisi” and in today’s time this game named Pachisa is known as Ludo.

Who Invented Ludo?

It is said that the beginning of playing Ludo was started in the time of Lord Shankar and Krishna. Since then this game is being played till now.

From ancient times to the present time, Ludo game is known by different names such as – Pachisa, Chaupad, Pagade, Chausad, Daiktam, Soktam, Varges, etc.

Where was Ludo Invented?

Ludo game was invented in India itself. Ludo game is being played since ancient times, which has also been mentioned in many texts. With time, a lot of changes have been made in the Ludo game and its rules.

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Ludo game belongs to which country?

Ludo is a game of India, because this game was invented in India itself, which is considered as one of the ancient games.

History of

Ludo Ludo is a very ancient game. The game is also noted Vishnu Purana in texts such as the

In earlier times this game was known as Pachisa. The old history of this game is also present, which is a huge twenty-five board made in Fatehpur Sikri during the reign of Akbar.

It is said that Akbar used to play this game by making his slaves pawns and then as time progressed, this game got the name of Ludo.

Rules of Ludo

Ludo game in India is played by up to 4 people. There are some rules to play Ludo game, which are as follows-

  1. To play Ludo, first of all its contents are required.
  2. There are four boxes on Ludo’s chart, which have to be selected by 4 players individually.
  3. The dice are then thrown one by one by the four players, and the one with the number 6 on the die first makes the move.
  4. Similarly the dice are rolled one by one by all the players, and do not move in the direction of the needle assigned to the pieces.
  5. But no point is given to him when he gets a 6 in the thie bar dice.
  6. When one player’s piece falls on another player’s rank, then the other player’s piece is cut. And then the other player starts his piece from the beginning again.
  7. Similarly, while playing, all the pieces have to be taken to the victory point.
  8. If no player has been able to cut the other player’s piece, he is not considered a winner. So that is why it is necessary to cut another player’s piece to become victorious in Ludo game.
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