Who invented hockey, its rules, how many players play and how it started

Friends, we know that hockey is the national sport of our country, but do you know who invented hockey and when and where the first hockey tournament was played? If not, then read this article till the end because in this article we share detailed information about hockey.

What is in this article?

Who invented hockey?

Hockey is considered the national sport of India and it is also believed that hockey was invented in India. Jaipal Singh Munda: Father of hockey Jaipal Singh Munda He is considered and is also known as the player who gave identity to India in hockey.

When was hockey invented?

Hockey was invented in Egypt 4000 years ago, in 2010. Then, according to one opinion, about 2000 years before Isha, hockey was played in Persia. At that time, the hockey played in Persia was a little different from normal hockey.

After that different countries started making some changes in the game of hockey. The game of hockey has been adopted by many countries, but hockey has found its rightful place only in India.

When did hockey start in India?

International competition in the game of hockey is believed to have started in India in 1895. After that, around 1928, the Indian hockey team was organized, and India’s first tournament was played. In the history of the Olympics, India won a total of 8 gold medals in hockey and created a world record.

How does a hockey game begin?

Each game is played by two teams, and each of those teams consists of 11 players, one of whom is the captain. This game is played by both men and women. This game is played with complete rules. All the 11 players in this game have their own unique characters.

In this game, goal post hockey is scored by a player of the team hitting the ball with a hockey stick, while the goalkeeper of the team tries to stop the goal. The game continues like this until time runs out between the two teams, and the team with the most goals is the winner.

When and where was the first hockey tournament held?

The first hockey tournament in India was held on May 26, 1928, in Kolkata. At that time, the Indian hockey team was organized for the first time. The Indian team participated in the Olympic Games for the first time and won.

When was hockey included in the Olympic Games?

In 1908, hockey was first included in the Olympic Games, when a total of 6 teams participated. And out of those six teams, England emerged victorious and won the gold medal.

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