Who discovered the solar system and how many planets are there in the solar system

Friends, do you know who discovered solar system and how many planets are there in solar system, if not then definitely read this article till the end where we are going to give you detailed information about solar system.

Who Discovered the Solar System? (Solar System Ki Khoj Kisne Ki)

Nicolaus Copernicus - Solar System

Solar System and Solar System Exploration Nicolaus Copernicus We all know how big the solar system is, with eight planets revolving around the sun in their own orbits and orbits.

After discovering the solar system, he did not search for it, he informed everyone about the solar system, since then we all know that our earth revolves around the sun like any other planet. And after discovering about the planets, people started to understand better.

How was the solar system discovered?

The discovery of the solar system began thousands of years ago, in which many astronomers gave their own suggestions, one of them was scientist Claudius Ptolemy who gave his suggestion that the earth was stationary and all the other planets revolved around it, but Nicolaus Copernicus believed that the sun was the center of the universe and that the earth was like the rest of the planets. Discovered the solar system by saying that it revolves around it. Copernicus discovered the solar system in 1543 with the help of heliocentric theory. After this, the telescope was also invented to see the rest of the planets and objects in Brahman.

Which is the smallest planet from Earth?

Mercury is considered to be the smallest planet from Earth and solar system, which we call Mercury in English. This planet is slightly larger than the Moon. And Mars is bigger than Mercury, after Venus, these three planets are smaller than Earth.

Which is the second smallest planet in the solar system?

Mars is considered to be the second smallest planet in the solar system, which we call Mars in Hindi, followed by Venus.

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