Who discovered the rabies vaccine?

Friends, rabies is a very dangerous disease, so it is important to be treated on time, but do you know who discovered the rabies vaccine and what are the symptoms of rabies, if not then definitely read this article till the end, here We will give complete information about Rabies.

What is Rabies? 

Rabies is such an infectious disease that is caused by a virus called rabies. The disease is mainly transmitted from animals to humans. If the disease of rabies is not treated on time, then this disease can prove to be fatal. Symptoms of this disease appear in humans after about 1 to 3 months.

Who discovered the rabies vaccine? 

Rabies vaccine was discovered by French scientists Louis Pasteur and Mile Roux. But it was first used when a 9-year-old child was bitten by a mad dog, when the rabies vaccine was used for the first time.

When was the rabies vaccine discovered?

The rabies vaccine was discovered by French scientists Louis Pasteur and Mile Roux in 1885. And this vaccine was first used on 6 July 1885 on a small child. After that rabies vaccine was used, so that no person died due to rabies disease.

Rabies Vaccine Benefits

Rabies Vaccine helps to avoid dangerous diseases caused by rabies. Rabies vaccine strengthens immunity by making antibodies in the body, which protect against infection caused by the virus. Even after getting rabies disease, this disease can be avoided by getting vaccinated.

Disadvantages of

Rabies Vaccine Rabies Vaccine not only helps in avoiding dangerous disease like rabies, but along with it some side effects are also seen such as- body pain, joint pain, injection site But there is swelling, red marks, swollen lymph nodes, etc.

Rabies Vaccine

Cost Inclusive of all the taxes levied in today’s time, the cost of Rabies Vaccine is approximately Rs 325.58.

Symptoms of

Rabies The following symptoms are seen in humans due to rabies disease, such as

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Then friends hope that you must have got complete and accurate information related to rabies in this article.

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