Who discovered the nucleus and what is its function

Friends, do you know who discovered nucleus and what is its function, but if not definitely read this article till the end where we have shared detailed information about nucleus.

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What is the nucleus and its properties?

The center of the cell is called the nucleus, also called nucleus in Greek. The presence of nucleus is very important for the survival of cells in protoplasm.

The nucleus is located at the point of intersection of the three triangles of the cell, hence it is called the nucleus. Hereditary information is obtained only with the help of nucleus. The nucleus looks like a sphere.

Who discovered the nucleus

Search for the nucleus Robert Brown He was born in Scotland. He got the best of his biology and discovered the nucleus.

The discovery of the nucleus in flora and fauna revealed that the nucleus itself contained DNA from which the production of organisms could be traced.

What is the function of the Nucleus?

The nucleus controls the cells and the cell’s lifestyle is also done by the cell itself. Apart from this, genetic identification is also done from the DNA present in the nucleus of fauna and flora.

As we all know that every part of an animal’s body is made up of cells, the nucleus is responsible for protecting those cells.

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