Who discovered science and when?

Inside science we are given such knowledge which has been clarified by experiment. Thought, observation, knowledge, and experiment are very important in science.

It gives us knowledge related to our nature. Today, everything around us is related to science. We all know something about science, but do you know who discovered science? If not, then let us tell you when and how modern science was discovered.

Who discovered science? 

Who discovered science and when?

Science was not discovered by any one scientist, but behind its invention, there are many scientists named Aristotle, while Thales is the father of ancient science. And Aristotle is called.

He was the first to explain science. But Albert Einstein has called Galileo Galilei the father of modern science. From this point of view, who discovered science, it is not known with certainty. Many scientists have contributed to this discovery.

When was Science discovered

Science was discovered between the 16th and 17th centuries. Ancient science has been going on since the time of archeology. The foundation of science was laid by the Greek philosopher Aristotle of Greece. The name of the first scientist to give a scientific name in the field of science is William Wavell.

Who first said the scientific term in 1883? Science has been situated in our environment from the very beginning, but to prove it, many inventions were made by scientists, and science was also brought into our education field.

Parts of Science

Science is mainly divided into three forms. which we say in simple language like:

Physics (Physics) : – We can also call it physics or physics. It is an important branch of science in which we are given many theories and phenomena. It is located in our environment. describes all things physically.

Chemistry (Chemistry) : – Chemistry is a branch of science in which chemistry is taught about substances and in which we read about many atomic structures.

Biology (Biology) :-Biology is completely related to our nature. Inside it we read about trees, plants, animals, and humans. Under this, we get to know about the anatomy of all things, under this, like zoology, botany, etc.

How did science originate?

We all know that all the facilities that have come into our lives with new inventions, all this has been possible only through science. There are many stories about the origin of science, one of which is that science originated with the Greeks and began to be explained in Europe.

Apart from this, it is also believed that when Europe came into the possession of the Arab book house during the Crusades, he got a collective translation of science from those books. Such stories exist in history, but it is impossible to trace the origin of science in the true sense.

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