Who discovered America? Complete information

If anyone wants to know the discovered of America, then definitely read this post. America’s name comes in the world’s most powerful and developed country. That’s why everyone wants to know who discovered America? In this post we will know in detail how America was discovered.

Earlier, we the discovery of India, so if you have not read that post, then definitely read it. So let’s know who discovered America?

America is the most powerful and developed country in the world. The US economy is considered the largest economy in the world. Just as people have a desire to know the name of the discoverer of India, similarly people want to know the name of the discoverer of America.

That’s why today we are writing this post, in this we will know in depth every important thing related to the discovery of America. So if someone wants to strengthen their general knowledge, then definitely read this post of ours.

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Who discovered America?

America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. This journey of Columbus began on August 3, 1492 from the port of Palos in Spain. Columbus started his journey with three ships named Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, a city in Italy. His father was a weaver. In the early days, he used to help his father in his work. But later his interest increased in sea voyages and he made this his profession.

Columbus wanted to discover India because India’s spices and silk were very popular in Europe at that time. The route from Europe to India used to be very complicated and costly too. Columbus thought why not find a sea route so that it would be easy to do business with India. But at that time no one knew in which direction to go, then India can be searched. If Columbus came to his mind, if he goes towards the west, then India can be reached.

who discovered the america? country

But now the problem was who would pay the cost of this journey. Because to make such a big discovery, they needed a team along with a ship. Columbus proposed his visit to the King of Portugal but he did not show interest in this discovery.

After some time Columbus proposed this discovery to the Spanish ruler, then he showed interest in this discovery and agreed to bear the cost of the trip. Columbus began his voyage on 3 August 1492 with three ships named Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

The journey was very long and fraught with danger, due to which the sailors accompanying him came down on the rebellion. But Columbus pacified them with great difficulty and said that if the search is not completed in 2 days, then we will return. Columbus wrote in his journal that he had no intention of returning at that time.

On 12 October 1492, he sees the land. Columbus orders his sailors to turn towards that land. Columbus thinks he has discovered India. But in reality it was the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas. The residents there used to call him Guanahani. Columbus discovered many Caribbean islands during this period. Which included Juana (Cuba) and Hispaniola (Saint Domingo). Columbus gathered a lot of wealth from there. After this, leaving his 39 companions there, he returned to Spain.

After returning to Spain, the rulers there were very pleased with the success of Columbus and were given a grand welcome. Keeping this success in mind, Columbus was declared governor of his discovered island of Hispaniola. The rulers of Spain had also agreed to bear the cost of his next visit. After this Columbus visited the American islands three times. Even till the time of his death, Columbus did not know that what he had discovered was America, not India.

Final Words:

So friends, today we have known in this post the who Discovered America?, & learned how Christopher Columbus came out in search of India but the search turned to America. The most surprising thing is that he did not even know about this till the time of his death. This type of question can be asked from you for General Knowledge. I hope you liked this post.

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