Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website Google Analytics Help

Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website

  • Behavior
  • Demographics
  • All traffic
  • Geo

Why ALL Traffic

In Google Analytics, “Referrals” is where all of the domains that deliver visitors to your website are listed. Under the “Acquisition” tab, under “All Traffic,” you may access “Referrals.”

It’s crucial to comprehend how consumers access your website or application. The PPC advertisements, search engine results, social media, and other channels that direct visitors to your website are referred to as traffic sources in Google Analytics. In All Traffic reports, you may examine your traffic sources and the related statistics.

One of the most significant reports in Google Analytics is the All traffic report. Nevertheless, depending on the sort of website you operate, even your major traffic sources will change. A healthy site will have a decent mix of visitors from all four sources.

Never put your entire financial future in one basket. Your internet business is at danger if you rely solely on one traffic source, such as PPC or social media.

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