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Where To Watch Blue Lock Episode 12?

Blue Lock Anime has been all the rage this season, and it came almost around the time FIFA 2022 was taking place, along with a show delving into FIFA’s shortcomings. Fans of the series believed that the manga had a major impact on the Japan national team for their efforts in the tournament.

One thing that people who know both football and read anime will frown upon but ultimately dismiss. That’s not to say Blue Lock is considered the medium’s soccer anime, though. The debate between Blue Lock vs. Ao Ashi continues to be heated.

In the sales department, however, Blue Lock has Ao Ashi in its claws, even though it came after the coming-of-age story Soccer Anime. What made Blue Lock special was the complexity of the characters without focusing too much on the main characters.

Not only that, the main theme of sports anime has always been “play for the team”. The First Thing series breaks down that mindset. It then creates goals that players should achieve in order to progress.

The main thing that sells a story is its uniqueness while also maintaining some level of connection with the audience. Blue Lock has that in abundance and has been able to connect with the audience while bringing many new things to the table.

Each sport has a similar set of tropes that make the genre look similar if you watched it. However, there are some exceptional sports anime out here. However, Blue Lock introduces its own rules and attracts people’s attention with pragmatic but instinctive play between players. Because of this, people search for the next episode of Blue Lock Anime every week.

CC: Blue Lock Episode 12

Blue Lock Episode 12: The uncanny team-up with Nagi

Blue Lock Anime has erased its first arc, with teams winning games and moving on to the second phase of selection. The first stage was tough for Team Z as they slowly woke up and Isagi was the last to recognize his talent.

But it came at a crucial time and helped them score a goal that helped them defeat the invincible Team V. A win that helped everyone gain confidence in their abilities as players. However, the fight wasn’t over and they had to train hard for the next ten days until they couldn’t even eat properly.

But the moment of truth came and they learned that there were no top blocks but them, which helped them get hungry for a target to get to the next stage. This phase was a one-on-one battle with a focus on improving your own weapon, and we’ve seen Isagi grow tremendously during this phase.

But he wasn’t the only one at this stage as he later faces Bachira in round 2 of the second pick. Round 2 of the second pick was a big twist for the story as Nagi decided to join Isagi and Bacchira to feed his hunger for football.

Nagi was a passive character before his paths crossed with Isagi and was fascinated by what Isagi had taught him. He wanted to enjoy football more to fully enjoy the sport and for that he dumped Reo.

Blue lock manga after episode 12

CC: Blue Lock Episode 12

The Blue Lock Manga After Episode 12 (Spoilers beyond Episode 12)

Blue Lock Episode 12 ends in Chapter 44 of the series Blue Lock. Isagi faces off against Rin early in the series and is joined by Bachira and Nagi to help him fight prodigy Sae Itoshi’s younger brother.

Sae Itoshi is one of the most brilliant players in the Japanese football world and the fact that he is younger with great skill makes everyone wonder if they are ready to fight him. And once Isagi moves against him, he’ll lose some of the true value he gained in his time at Blue Lock.

A thing as important as his ego, Bachira. Isagi and Nagi get separated from Bachira and choose their next opponents to advance, but they have to win twice. And their next opponent is none other than the selfish King Barou.

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