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Where To read Volcanic age Chapter 120 continues after a mysterious warrior defeats the Dragon Claw. The Blue-Haired Clan wondered who that warrior was that defeated the Dragon Claw without breaking a sweat. They wonder what to do and the mysterious warrior asks them who is next. One of the blue-haired clansmen tells the entire clan that they are retreating, and he begins to run. The army, with the mysterious man, decides to go after the clan, but they are stopped. They realize that their team is not enough to face the enemy, it could be a trap.

The warrior who defeated Dragon Claw is revealed to be Seo-Cheon Joo. Chion tells his army not to bother and continues to rescue the blacksmith he seeks after arriving in this new land. The army asks Cheon to guide them so that they don’t form a trap as they have already stepped on that sand. Cheon agrees and uses another technique that frees the army. The army celebrates and no one dies. Chion receives a lot of thanks from the warriors after saving their country. One of the warriors confronts Cheon and thanks him, revealing that he is Jeon Soo Guk of the Hainan Sword Division.

Gook shows respect by bowing his head, folding his hands, and asking the name of the person in front of him. Cheon revealed that he was a fourth grade disciple of Mount Hua Sect, Seo Cheon Joo. Gook realizes that he knows Cheon’s name well, and he’s not surprised because Cheon is one of the strongest warriors. No one would expect less from a strong warrior. Gook reveals that Cheon is the hero of the Orthodox faction, Sword Dragon. The woman with Cheon wonders why Gook is addressing one of the Heavenly Emperors as Sword Dragon and is he being rude.

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The lady with Cheon notices that Gook doesn’t know that Cheon is a Heavenly Emperor, and she doesn’t blame him. Cheon asks to talk to Gook later to keep moving, as they are in dangerous areas. Cheon agrees that they will meet up later and Gook leaves. Later, Cheon and his group arrive at the restaurant and notice that Tae Gook is sitting at another table. Gook was still curious if something had happened in the Central Plain as three of the five dragons and phoenixes had arrived. He wonders if there will be a war between the orthodox and the demonic cults or the unorthodox.


Gook saw strange expressions from the visitors and thought there was something strange. He feels sorry for the guys who saved them and believes that the Hain A Sword Sect is in danger. The woman with Cheon realizes that Gook has misunderstood the situation. She talks to Gook to make him understand what’s going on. She also told about her sect fighting another Hainan Island sect. The lady also talked about the island of Murim who couldn’t be helped and the war was not over yet.

The woman also talked about the Dragon Palace and the mermen from the Southern Sea Dragon Clan. It was revealed that the Southern Dragon Clan had existed in legends for centuries or even millennia, and that they were also a group of worshippers. The lady also reveals that the Southern Dragon Clan worships the Dragon King who rules the four seas. Gook reveals the Southern Crimson Dragon Guangli King, Oh Yeon’s Dragon Palace. He also talks about their struggles in the war and how the war affected their country and clan. Cheon reveals that he is looking for a certain blacksmith called Gyan.

Volcanic Age Chapter 120 Release Date

Volcanic Age Chapter 120 will be released on 28 September 2022. Gook wonders if he’s heard of Gan, a blacksmith. He realizes that the Sect Leader might know Gan, and Lady wonders who the Sect Leader is. Gook agrees to lead the crew to meet Hae. Chion thinks about the arrival of the Southern Sea Dragon Clan and wonders if they are related to the Dark Heaven Faction. Watch Volcanic Age Chapter 120 below.

Volcanic Age Chapter 120

Cheon’s Crew

Read Volcanic Age Chapter 120 Online – Raw Details

You can read Volcanic Age 120 chapter online on official websites. Chion decides to stay for a few days to learn the secret behind the Dark Heaven Faction. The official website of the Volcanic Age manga reveals news updates every week, but it sometimes delays new chapters. See you after Volcanic Age Chapter 120 is released.

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