Where To Read Vinland Saga Chapter 198?

Where To Read Vinland Saga Chapter 198? One of the most trending manga series, Vinland Saga, has successfully entered the anime adaptation list by giving the character personality. Let’s talk about Vinland Saga Chapter 198. The manga is set in Dane-controlled England in the 11th century and can be frightening Vikings (Danish invaders of England). The story follows Thors, a brave warrior who leaves the brutality of wars and violence to live in peace and grow old with his family.

The Japanese manga series is written by Makoto Yukimura, and after the manga begins- the focus shifts to Thorfinn (the son of a murdered ex-warrior). Thorfinn works under a group of mercenaries responsible for the deed. Vinland Saga has sold 7 million copies (August 2022) and due to its success, plans to adapt the second season of the anime!

A 24-episode anime adaptation aired in July 2019, and a second season (to be animated by MAPPA) is set to premiere in January 2023. In the last few chapters of the manga, we see the tension between the Norsemen and the Lnu tribe and the inevitable destruction that will arise from them. In contrast, Thorfinn’s men regarded the Lnu tribe as a hostile entity. Many fans question whether Thorfinn and Einar are too kind.

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Vinland Saga Recap (Spoiler Alert)

In chapters 197 and 196, they are the sixth and fifth parts A journey of a thousand years, We encountered chaos among the locals. The group shared the smoke as they passed the tobacco. If the group smokes together from the same pipe, it is believed that people will not lie to each other, so that they can easily trust each other, because it is essential to do this before the start of any important meeting.

Those at the meeting are at first surprised to see Thorfinn possess Tmakan, but realize that he understands rituals and is a good person. Gitpi (Chief Minister) addressed the audience and emphasized the issue of missing comrades. He promised and advanced that he was innocent because he and his tribe could not even speak their language and the tribal land was too big to generalize.

He made it clear that his tribe wanted to learn from the Norsemen as they also had valuable skills and knowledge, putting forward a proposal to live together in peace. It all falls to Bug-Eyes to translate it, who reluctantly offers that it’s too long and wants peace between them. The tribe agrees to live together. An old shaman who dreams of destruction has a strange presence in the crowd that keeps all readers on edge.

The eerie feeling that something is about to go wrong comes true when the shaman raises his ax and rushes towards Thorfinn. We also get the shaman’s POV when he insists that if they allow the migration of the tribes, then everything will be destroyed and that the only way to save the lands is to kill Thorfinn (he doesn’t know who Thorfinn is).

Luckily, Ivar steps in just in time and cuts off the shaman’s hand to save Thorfinn, leaving us at a cliffhanger. After a sudden breakdown and bloodshed, Ivar forces the attackers to capture him and tries to convince the Norseman of how the other tribe is actually forging an oath of betrayal and friendship.

As the Lnu tribe left, feeling attacked, the Norsemen wondered who the real ‘wounded’ were, the Norsemen attacked first to prove it was an act of self-defence, not an ideological one. Ivar may have destroyed the peace with the raiding tribe because they failed to understand the shaman’s decision to die to prove that the Norseman could not be trusted and would attack the Lnu tribe.

Vinland Saga Chapter 198 Release Date

“Who are the injured?” After the question is faced by the audience as well as the Norseman, which makes one wonder what will happen after the surprise attack on Ivar. Vinland Saga Chapter 198 will be released on 25 October 2022, giving fans enough time to formulate theories and ponder what the future of the lands might be if the Thorfinn tribes can find peace.

Where To Read Vinland Saga Chapter 198?

There is no official way to read the latest chapters of Vinland Saga online. However, one can purchase digital copies of the latest volume from Kodansha’s official website or physically order the volumes from your nearest manga store. There are other websites where manga is available online to read Vinland Saga Chapter 198?.

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