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Undead Unlock Chapter 128 reveals the mystery behind the strange black shadow figure that appeared recently. Andy wonders what they are seeing and notices a large black shadow talking above the buildings. He asks Zeus what to do and wonders what that mysterious thing is. Andy is wearing a suit and carrying his katana, staring at the monster. Izumo screams after finding the monster intimidating. A black shadow monster attacks the building and destroys everything around it.

Izumo wonders if the god initiated their attacks, but the mysterious demon stops the rampage. Izumo asks the demon about his name and the demon reveals that he is a god. The demon reveals that his name is Luna and that he is another god. Izumo was facing a bright white god, while Andy was in black. Luna reveals that she is the one who created the world. Izumo realizes there are two gods and wonders what is going on. She asks about the other god and Luna reveals that the other god on Earth is the Sun, but they have different rules.

Luna reveals everything about the gods and Andy also learns something about the sun. Andy is furious that Sun is a destroyer and decides to stop Sun because he uses his feet to crush the world. Andy and Zeus vs. Son. Two attempts to stop the destruction of the sun begin. Juiz believes that it doesn’t take ten minutes to defeat God. Andy is impressed by Zooey’s moves. Juiz uses the uni move to hit Sun and reminds Andy that he only has ten minutes. Andy agrees as he grabs his sword to cut down the sun. Juiz reminds him of the unchanged operation.

Previously undead unlocked in Chapter 127

Billy joins the battle, but the sun is too powerful and begins to overwhelm them. Izumo continues to learn more secrets about the gods, but Luna is different from Sun who likes violence. She realizes she has to stop Luna no matter what. But she’s less worried as Andy and the others care for Sun. No one thought that the laws of the two gods were opposed to each other. Luna has a shocking truth to Izumo and knows that Sun is not one to pity or be merciful to humans during war. The sun caused massive havoc and destroyed many parts of the world.


Zeus got rid of the blood that made her come back. Billy steps up to confront Sun, who blows him away. Andy scolds Sun and switches sword cuts. But Sun uses his bare hands to block the slashes. Andy realizes that the sun is built differently, even though no one wins a battle with the mighty god-like sun. Sun shows the trio that he is warming up as he uses five percent of his power. Andy is not impressed, believing they will find a way to stop Dunn no matter what.

Andy knows that not all battles can be won using strength and that the stronger won’t always win because the smarter ones use their brains. Believe that the sun smiles and no mere man lays a finger on it. He continues to wreak havoc, they don’t call him a mighty god for nothing. Billy and Juiz continue to land barrages, which have no effect, and wonder if the sun is made of steel. The sun dominates the trio and Andy is about to take off his jacket and shirt because he wants to unlock another level. Sun comments that between the sun and the moon and humans he is playing a game with them.

Undead Unlock Chapter 128 Release Date

Undead Unlock Chapter 128 will be released on 25 September 2022. Son, The God vs. Andy, Billy and Zeus continues in the next chapter. The trio is going to awaken new powers to show Surya that they can overcome their limitations and fight as equals with him. You can also check Undead Unlock Chapter 128 official news and latest updates.

Billy Undead Unlock Chapter 128


Read Undead Unlock Chapter 128 Online Raw Details

You can read Undead Unlock Chapter 128 online at Wiz & MangaPlus. MangaPlus and Wiz are offering the previous three chapters for free. The latest chapter and updates of Undead Unlock Manga are available every week. Spoilers for Undead Unlock come a day before the chapter’s release. See you after the release of Undead Unlock Chapter 128.

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