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Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 81 begins after Lee wins ranks 1 and 2 after defeating the resident monk priest who teaches him to control magic since they promised each other. The resident monk priest also opens a gate to another world for Lee, where he is reunited with Kirikiri. Kirikiri and Lee learn about what happened in a secret world and they still haven’t dealt with it. The story continues after Lee finds out about former rebel deputy Kim Minhyuk, who created a new awakened clan after clearing the steps. Lee thought Kim would go to the Blue House.

No one thought that Kim would establish a new dynasty. But Lee believes that Kim will do well and realizes that Kim knows his plans. Lee also learned of a new rivalry among Hell’s Ordeal users. Brian from the USA is also part of the competition with Yoonhee from Korea entering. He reads the new paper and learns that Brian is the one who recently cleared the 31st floor of Hell’s difficulty. Lee was impressed with Brian’s accomplishments. Yeonhee is also popular outside and Lee wonders who trained her.

Lee also compares Yeonhee to Brian and realizes that she is more into it than Brian. He lived that Yonhee would be his successor. Lee receives a message from Junsuk, realizing that it has been a long time since he met. Lee apologizes that he should have visited Jusuk, but he was busy clearing the 91st floor and didn’t see Jungsuk’s message. Junsuk asks Lee if he’s ready to go out into the outside world at his age. Lee agrees that the time is ripe and advises Junsuk to hurry up and start a new journey. Junsuk believes that one day he will surpass Lee, but he worries that the gap between them will continue to grow.

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Earlier Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 80

Junsuk talks about the world he’s in and if he leaves, he can become stronger and a better warrior. He promises to meet Lee in the other world after clearing the steps. Draghi arrives and greets her father Lee. Lee apologizes for being too busy to focus on him. The two decide to share a hot dog. Lee’s daughter reveals that she is not Draghi, but that her name is Benedictus Lelicia Fiacana Rauconius Napoleon nis Tiamat Caruserin Valascus Shans Guruphanes Necessario II.

Lee realizes the name is too long and he forgets his name so he has to shorten it. But he decided to call her Lelicia. Giggles and Lee later appear outside and Lee wakes up after feeling the warm air. Lee realizes that he is sleeping under Kirikiri and says that he is pale blue when he wakes up. Kirikiri jumps away and curses Lee as pervy since he saw her. Lee apologizes and realizes that this was a bad example of using bad magic. Kim communicates with Minhyuk Lee and saves him trouble. Kirikiri forgets what Lee saw and focuses on what he has to say to Kim.

Kim and Lee talk about preparing for the next competition. Lee realized that he hadn’t checked the ad and that the competition would start soon. He told Kim that victory was his because there was a lot to prepare for. Kim reminded Lee about the general ranking of users. After the call, Lee talked to Kirikiri about the Divine Resistance Skill. They talked about it and Lee wondered what was going on with the progress on the trials for the Deity of Adventure crew.

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Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 81 Release Date

Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 81 will be released on 26 September 2022. Lee inspects Talaria’s Wing and learns how to use it. He also managed to clear the 42nd floor with great difficulty. The competition starts in the next chapter. You can also check the tutorial is too hard chapter 81 latest updates below.



Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 81 Read Online – Raw Details

You can read Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 81 online on official websites. The official website of the Tutorial is Too Hard manga is available for some countries. But the latest chapters of the tutorial are more difficult and updates are released every week. See you after the release of Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 81.

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