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Where To Read The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26

The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26 continues after Haje’s intense training. A new mission awaits Haje after school as she impressed the elders in the previous meeting. In the morning, another school day begins, and Hajae wonders why he has to go to school and I go to Yunho. He arrives at the school and wins over some of the new transfer students. Haje thought he would sit down unnoticed. But the brown haired student recognizes him and shouts his name. A confident man wonders why a beautiful woman is calling Haje’s name.

He gets angry and tells his edge that bastard Haje. Haje greets the class president and the chubby man comments that Haje has become popular. The confident man faces Haje and looks closely into his eyes. Haje wonders what’s going on, but before he can ask, he receives a powerful left hook punch to the face. Haje wonders why a cocky brat hit him, and the cocky brat replies that he was bowing and welcoming him. Koki brat wonders why Haje didn’t collapse and thinks he shouldn’t fight back. He asks Haje if he’s tough and says it’s fun.

Haje asks him if that baby punch is the only one. The cocky brat gets angry that Haeje says he used to punch as a kid, and that girls can punch harder than him. Haje commented that he had never eaten such a weak fist. The cocky brat gets angry and pulls the table and tries to smash Haje. But Haje hits the cocky brat with a broken table. He asked him to stand up and fight like a man. Haje realizes that the cocky bastard has been bullying him since childhood and shouts that he will pay tenfold for everything he has done.

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A female headmistress enters the class, not that the boys are fighting. She asks them if they are crazy and tells Haje to stop fighting. Haji was taken to the principal’s office, and the principal asked why the male teacher had been allowed to slip since four weeks. The male teacher told her to relax. Haje thinks and realizes that he never thought the cocky brat would attack, and now that the cocky brat is unconscious it looks like Haje attacked him.

Haje realized that he had been warned not to fight with humans, that Jinny Noona had also told him before going to school. His rage could not stop him as the confident brat had been harassing him for too long. Haje knew that if an ordinary person was hit by a martial arts master, they would die. Four weeks have passed, and the cocky brat still hasn’t heard, and Haje can’t believe he’s about to get hit by a truck. The headmaster intends to punish Haje and the male teacher reminds her of the procedure they can follow.

Haje, the male teacher, thinks he should call his parents. But the principal is not ready to meet Haje’s mother and says that Haje’s mother is poor and cannot bear poor people. Purusha tries to save Haje, realizing that Haje is not at fault for defending herself from her attacker. A dignitary arrives and reveals himself to be Haje’s guardian. They have a long case and a brown haired woman realizes that Haje’s guardian is not one to mess around with.

Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26

Breaker: Eternal Force

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The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26 Release Date

The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26 will be released on 22 September 2022. Haje’s case was now over, and he was glad that his guardian had saved him because he presented the case well. Haje Chairman Yang Gilnam and Director Lee arrive. Later, Haje learns that Noona is the president of their school. Self-confident brat Sinwoon Hyung is on the verge of death, which may trouble Hajae, and the secret will be revealed in the next chapter. You can also read Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26 official details below.

Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26 Read Online – Raw Details

You can also read Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26 online on official websites. The Breaker: Eternal Force manga started earlier this year and the authors have not yet revealed the official websites of this manga. But we provide latest weekly updates of Breaker: Eternal Force Manga. See you after the release of The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 26.

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