Where To Read The Allure of The Night Chapter 521 to 535 – Release Date, Spoilers

Where To Read The Allure of The Night Chapter 521 to 535 – Release Date, Spoilers. The Night Light novel is a very interesting book that tells a new story about fantasy and romance. Usually, we read about main characters that can transform into werewolves, demons, vampires, or other big creatures, but this time the main character can turn into an angel, which is something new and exciting.

ash_knight17 is a talented writer who created this book with an amazing world-building and a captivating storytelling style. The story is about Eve, a young angel, and Vincent, a noble boy, who met each other in the winter and fell in love. Eve wants to find out the truth about her mother’s death, so she can live in peace. The story has 520 chapters, and the latest ones are very interesting and full of surprises.

However, all good things must come to an end, and the author recently announced that the book is nearing its end. So, if you want to join Eve and Vincent on their journey and find out what happens in the end, you should read this book now!

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Previously on Dimensional Descent

Chapter 519 starts with Vincent Moriarty fighting a group of wild wolves using his silver gun and hands. Vincent was winning the fight, but it was not a fair fight because the wolves were outnumbered. Vincent’s men were also fighting with him, but they didn’t like the wolves’ attacks. The wolves were even making fun of Vincent and his men, but Vincent continued to fight them and hurt them badly.

After a while, Vincent noticed that the sky was changing color because the golden moon was about to rise. Vincent’s men decided to retreat, but Vincent stayed to fight. He closed his eyes and prayed while fighting, and his stance was similar to a character from the show Hunter x Hunter. Even when the wolves saw that Vincent was an easy target, he didn’t move towards them. (Vincent is a pureblooded vampire.)

Young Eve from Allure of the Night
Young Eve of the Night of the Night (credit: ash_knight17)

Vincent opened his eyes and they were a scary red color, but the wolves around him didn’t realize that danger was coming. He attacked and defeated the bad vampires and werewolves, but even his own friends were affected by his power. This ability is similar to a power in a show called One Piece.

Erasmus was making fun of someone who was trapped by spikes, but the spikes also kept him away. He used a nearby tree to break the spikes and walked through the mess. Eve saw this as a chance to attack him. She tried to trip him and stab him, but then she heard a familiar voice and saw a familiar face.

Vincent Moriarty from Allure of the Night
Vincent Moriarty from Allure of the Night (credit: ash_knight17)

Erasmus became Eva’s mother and was worried when Eva didn’t want to listen to him. Unfortunately, Eva’s disobedience caused something bad to happen and Erasmus ended up on top of her on the ground. Later on, in a forest, Eva saw a creature that looked like her mother and didn’t want to hurt it. Erasmus continued to do bad things to Eva, but was stopped by Eva’s friend Vincent who had disguised himself. Erasmus got angry and wanted to hurt Eva, but Vincent transformed into a powerful creature to protect her. Erasmus ended up facing the consequences of his actions.

Enchantment of night love depiction
Enchantment of the Night Love illustration (credit: ash_knight17)

Vincent used the command ability, freezing Erasmus in his tracks, which gave the pureblood vampire enough time for Erasmus to fly and hit two trees one after the other. Afterwards, Erasmus and Vincent have a heart-to-heart conversation as brothers, leading to their final confrontation.

As the two men fought tooth and nail, Eve looked up at the sky and saw the golden moon disappear, causing the sky to spread gold. Finally, to end the fight, Vincent and Eve jointly use their wits to take down Erasmus, leaving Erasmus gasping for air.

After a while, the entire forest was filled with mist, blocking everyone’s view, much to Erasmus and Vincent’s surprise. This allowed Eve to make a run and put as much distance as possible between Erasmus and herself.

The episode finally ends with Vincent hearing a strange melody in the distance, not realizing that the shadowy figure standing before him is not Eve.

Glamor of the Night: Possible spoilers

As the story approaches its climax, we can anticipate what Eve is trying to achieve. Could the lady singing the melody at the end of chapter 520 be the one we know? With Erasmus out of Vincent’s sight, what can he do?

Tune in to find out!

The Allure of The Night Chapter 521 to 535: Release Dates

As per the Report, Allure of the Nights is following the release schedule 13 episodes a week. So the output for the following chapters is as follows:

Chapter NumberDate
521April 22, 2023
522April 22, 2023
523April 23, 2023
524April 24, 2023
525April 24, 2023
526April 25, 2023
527April 26, 2023
528April 26, 2023
529April 27, 2023
530April 28, 2023
531April 28, 2023
532April 29, 2023
533April 30, 2023
534April 30, 2023
535May 1, 2023

Where To Read The Allure of The Night Chapter 521 to 535?

Allure of the Night will be available to read on the above dates on the official Webnovel website or on your convenient device, or you can access the following chapters immediately for a price.

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