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The Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 release date has become the talk of the internet among fans of the series as they can’t wait to see the events unfold in the aforementioned chapters. You might think that following the plot of climbing towers and becoming stronger, most people would be the same. We have a lot of other people doing the same, but I have to tell you that Second Life Ranker brings something unusual to it. However, despite being a popular manga/manwa Second Life ranker, it still struggles with its release date for new chapters.

Fans have been scouring the internet for the past few days to find out when Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 will be released. Well, you are at the right place to get some information about the upcoming chapter of Second Life Ranker and let you know everything we know.

For this post, we will discuss the events of Second Life Ranker Chapter 131, and most importantly, we will give you information about its release date. But before doing all that, let’s refresh our memories with a quick recap of Second Life Ranker Chapter 130. Here we bring you latest second life ranker manwha series updates.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 130 Recap

Previously, we saw Kain entering an alternate dimension in Second Life Ranker Chapter 130. However, if you think about it, it’s not really an alternate dimension, but an illusion in a hidden space. After strolling around the alternate space for a while, we see Cain finally enter the center of it and find what he’s been looking for. Before him stood Brahma, but he was not alone. He is with a female child that emits dragon aura. Brahma himself was surprised to see Kain who looked like a dragon. He asks why there is a smell, but Cain makes no comments.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 130 Recap

Seeing that Kain has the same powers as a dragon, he asks a fellow human dragon, Shesha, to rescue him. The reason the Elohim siblings are after Sesha is because she belongs to the generation of dragons and the Elohim siblings want to experiment on her. The chapter’s focus shifts to Elohim’s squad, where Elohim’s sister Hemera marches in with her backup troops to kidnap Sesha. We see Cain take a liking to Sesha and form a bond with her.

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What to expect from Second Life Ranker Chapter 131?

What we can expect from Second Life Ranker chapter 131 is to see Cain and Shesha bond and continue the events from the last chapter by getting to know each other. We get to see the flashbacks and past of Sesha and the potential she has. It would definitely surprise Cain if Sesha had another side of dragon form, as he thinks she is only a quarter dragon since her parents only gave her half dragons. Meanwhile, the Elohim siblings are on their way, and we can expect them to reach the center of this alternate space and try to kidnap Shesha.

However, Cain, Braham and Galliard rescue the Remnant from the Elohim Siblings’ squads. Their plan probably included hiding Sesha as the war would be brutal and they couldn’t guarantee her safety while fighting them. However, before Seshu agrees to plead, we are more likely to see Cain demand the Book of Mercury from Brahma in exchange for Seshu’s protection. The chapter is really interesting with battles and new secrets.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 Predictions

What is Sesha’s ability?

Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 Release Date

Like many Mahavas, Second Life Ranker also has no fixed schedule. Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 is scheduled to be released on September 2nd, with the previous chapters released a week later. Since Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 is not released this week, we think this week is on chapter break and Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 may release next week on September 9th Friday.

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 Read Online

Webtoons is the only website that officially offers many mans. Second Life Ranker Chapter 131 will also be available on webtoons when it is released.

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