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Sakamoto Days Chapter 88 continues after Shin, Akira and Seba encounter an old hag who wants to punish them. Shin attacks the old hag by grabbing her hair, but she manages to free herself. The old hag wonders who those brave children are. Shin and the old hag exchange barrages, and Seba notices that their attacks are fruitless. The old hag flies Shin, and Akira wonders if Shin is okay. She realized that the three had matured and come a long way. Akira, Shin, and Seba stand next to each other, wondering how they will defeat the old hag.

The old hag was impressed that the three were a dedicated team. Shin wonders what’s going on and Akira wonders if the old hag is allergic. The old hag is still surprised and impressed and realizes that she almost killed the trio at their tender age. Akira calls the old hag “Sensei” and apologizes if they hurt her. Shin gets angry and pulls Akira back, reminding her that getting close to their old hag is too dangerous. The old man thinks Akira is a good girl, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be punished.

She praised them for combining their strengths and working as a team to defeat her, but they were no match for her. Shin, Akira and Seba listen to her speech. Even the old hag said they hadn’t yet reached a certain point where they could bring her down. She calls Seba, who asks what she wants. The old hag reveals Seba’s invincible suit and how he handles an enemy who doesn’t use vision like her. She reminds Seba to improve her invisibility suit. Shin teases Seba for lecturing him. Seba asks for her invisibility claim.

Previously in Sakamoto Days Chapter 87

The old hag wonders why Akira is teasing Seba since he has things to say. She calls Akira and tells him that he has wonderful eyes and sees the path of his goal. Akira wonders if that’s a compliment and thanks the old hag. The old hag reveals that Akira can’t rely on talent alone because he can’t develop. She reminds Akira of how she rushes into battle without thinking, and Akira is a player with a sharp weapon, who ends up in danger after a fall. Akira replied that she understood what the old hag was saying and continued to show her respect by calling her sensei.


The old hag tells Akira to keep doing her best and that her courage to join the battle is a good idea. She says Shin is someone who always dies young. The old hag grabs Shin’s hand, and he doesn’t expect it, and tells him that he will pay the price for having great powers. She asks if Shin is in a hurry to die and also squeezes Shin’s hand. Shin replies that he knows he isn’t talented or strong, but he can change a battle by using whatever it takes to crush his enemy.

The old hag surprises Shin, who notices something strange about his right arm and wonders if it’s disappearing. Hands begin to turn black as if spoiled. Shin realizes his body is reacting to something. Akira also learns new things about Shin while fighting the old hag. The old hag teases Shin about the principle of rotation. She decided to stop fighting with them and said that the students had made a great effort. The older ones decided to answer Shin, Akira and Seba’s questions since they proved themselves to be worthy warriors.

Chapter 88 of Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days Chapter 88 Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 88 will be released on 25 September 2022. The old hag reveals about someone who works with him at school and Seba wonders if it is his grandfather. The chapter continues with the old hag telling her everything they wanted to know since Shin, Akira and Sebas show her that they have unlocked hidden powers. You can check Sakamoto Days Chapter 88 latest details below.

Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 88 Online – Raw Details

You can read Sakamoto Days Chapter 88 online at VIZ and Mangaplus. Those official platforms for Sakamoto Days Manga release a new chapter every week and the latest news and manga developments. Previous updates of Sakamoto Days are available online. See you after the release of Sakamoto Days Chapter 88.

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