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Where To read Sakamoto Days Chapter 86

The release date of Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 is scheduled for the 41st issue of Shonen Jump, but people want it to be here as soon as possible. They can’t be blamed because of the events from Sakamoto Days Chapter 86. Amane’s character seems like a jerk at first, but after the last couple of chapters and getting to know him a bit, fans have come to like him. I love this character. Now Kasim gave him an ultimatum.

Since Amane can’t find anything about the database, the JCC is his second chance to join Slur’s organization by disabling the school’s defense system. Will he go with it because his grandfather is too? Well, let’s discuss Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 in detail.

What is going to happen in Sakamoto Days Chapter 86? An action-packed manga like Sakamoto Days can be paired with Kanaguri and Club Jam makes a massacre at the JCC. Well, I think it might happen in Sakamoto Days chapter 86 or later.

Furthermore, this post also includes all the details you need regarding its release date and where you can read it. But before we discuss the events of Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 in detail, let’s take a quick recap of Sakamoto Days Chapter 85 and jog our memories. Here we bring you the latest Sakamoto Days manga series updates.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 85 – Recap

Amane and Sakamoto’s hunt for the Master Keys continues and the former talks about how his father killed his mother. When Sakamoto asks him more about it, Amane tells him not to interfere in the matter. Something is strange about Sakamoto, as his shape has been changing since the last time he was seen. When Sakamoto’s transformation is disturbed, Amane seizes this opportunity and steals the keys.

Sakamoto meets a janitor who has been working at the JCC since he was a student, and the janitor recognizes him. He also says that he is the grandfather and thanks for playing with him because no one else is with him. Meanwhile, Amane tries to find the database but has no luck. He gets a call from Kashima saying that if he can’t find the database, he can deactivate the JCC’s missile defense system.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 Raw Scans and Spoilers

The main focus of Sakamoto Days chapter 86 is Amane trying to decide where to deactivate the JCC’s defense system. If I didn’t know this character better, I would have said that he would have deactivated the defense system immediately. However, it was a tough choice for Amane as he grew up in JCC with his grandfather working here.

No matter how Amane hates the JCC and JAA, destroying his home may not get him going. However, Sakamoto Days is an action-packed manga that, somehow, begins with a massacre at JCC with Sakamoto, Shin, Satoda Sensei, Natsuki, Akira, Amane and many other characters trying to stop the intruders. Acts like Kanaguri and Club Jam who are currently stand bys.

I believe there is someone else in the JCC observing Amane’s action, and when Amane doesn’t decide to knock out the defense system to destroy the JCC, this character does himself and the action begins. Sadly, these are nothing more than speculations. Raw scans and spoilers for Sakamoto Days usually appear an hour or two before the chapter’s release. Check out Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 release date below.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 Release Date

Fortunately, as of this writing, a hiatus has not been announced for Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 this week. So, Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 will be released on Sunday 11th September 2022 on Shonen Jump. Most shonen manga, including Sakamoto Days, release their new chapter every Sunday unless a break is announced for various reasons.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 Read Online

Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 is free to read on various online platforms vizmediaManga Plus, and The official application of Shonen Jump. The last three chapters are available for free, but you’ll need to switch to a paid subscription to access the entire catalog.

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