Where To Read Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 62?

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 62 continues after the consequences of the laughing psychopath at the funeral. This happened during the guildmaster’s funeral, and everyone suspected his death, believing he was set up after he returned, he was the only person sent on a mission and died. But the old Geyser Gilmaster settles thin gs between Seolho and Gedric to allow RIP.

The chapter begins in the evening after the Guldmaster’s funeral, when Gedric meets a beautiful orange haired woman. The orange haired woman reveals the medicine she mentioned earlier. She adds that old geezer Lee Seolho sent one of her friends to be in uniform. Gedric takes the medicine and realizes he expects no less from his soulmate.

He wonders if the beautiful orange haired woman can read his mind. Jung Hyeon arrives and talks to Gedric. Gedric asks her why she came and she apologizes for worrying about him. Hayan reveals that he will protect Gedric as everything is going accordingly. Gedric believes that since he has settled scores he needs no one to save him and no threat will come after him.

Regressor Instruction Manual

He and Hayan held each other’s hands and reached the city. Daedric talks about a short walk and Hyeon doesn’t doubt that it’s a love date. Gedric is happy to be with someone who loves him so much and would die for him. However, strange things happen and magic spells surround them.

Gedric wonders if assassins or terrorists are after him. He notices that they want to kill him and realizes that the old geezer might have sent them since he once said he was happy to be back with a fake smile. Gedric gets angry and wonders why the old geezer sent those guys into the middle of Lindell’s streets of honor.

Previously in Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 61

Hayan notices that Gedric is up to something and uses Wind Explosion against the assassins. She scolded the killers for trying to pin the finger on her loved ones. Hayon notices that those bastards are ugly and wants to make Gedric look like them by destroying his beautiful face.

She vowed that she would defile them twice and send them back to where they came from, or they would be killed. Hayan reminds the killer that he is on a date and that no girl loves guys like them how dare they ruin it. Gedric realizes that he’s confused because a woman is protecting him, but he’s impressed that Hayan uses lines like villainy to scold murderers.

He uses his powers to see Hayan’s stats and learns that Hayan is Archmage: Her Rank and whenever someone tries to hurt someone she loves, her powers exceed 100%. Gedric wonders if Hyane’s rank will rise as the Hyanes disturb her lovely date. Hayan held Gedrics hand like a man holding a lady’s hand.



Gedric wonders when he became a lady and after the battle takes Hayon in his arms and beats the assassins. Hayan tells him not to worry as it will be over with one strike. Gedric is happy that Hayan has improved, but he needs to own it and show that he is the man. Hayan held Gedric’s hands and burst into tears.

When Gedric thinks of something, Hayan attacks the assassins. Hayan uses the wind blade to cut down the assassins. Gedric ends the battle and tells her that he would rather be hurt than Hyane. But Hayan uses Wind Protection and stabs her in the back.

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 62 Release Date

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 62 will be released on 6 October 2022. Gedric realizes that Hayan is dying, and it’s not what he wants. Fortunately, Red Blood Hair arrives and kicks the assassins, asking the Masenburys how dare they attack the Queen’s man. See Chapter 62 of the Regressor Instruction Manual below for the latest updates.

Where To read Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 62 Online – Raw Details

You can read Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 62 online on official websites. The Regressor Instruction Manual manga’s official website has offered free chapters since its inception. The secret behind the Mercenary Queen’s arrival will be revealed in the next chapter. See you after Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 62 is released.

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