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Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 60 continues after the two lovers are reunited. It begins after Juliana meets a handsome hunk she calls her lover and he admits to dating her. Juliana recognizes the man and realizes that she has met the man she has loved all her life. The handsome hunk vows Juliana to be his eternal love. It’s the best moment in long-reunited love, where both rekindle their love for each other. Juliana realizes she can remember her name. She asks him if he’s Gedrick and the handsome hunk replies that it’s him and she’s not lost.

She says that when Gedric is with her, she makes her heart run out of control. He holds Juliana’s hands and reveals that he is the lover she has been searching for since childhood. Julian feels that something is amiss, that the handsome hunk tells him that Julian is not the Gedric she knows, and she wants to reveal what she knows about Gedric. She says that Gedric is a blonde hottie. Juliana is surprised by the dark hair and light skin of the man in front of her hair.

The handsome hunk realizes their relationship is falling apart and must convince her that he is Gedric. Juliana says his eye color is different and everything about him is different and he can’t be fooled as Gedric. The handsome hunk replies that he has been reincarnated and Julian becomes enraged as he is surrounded by dark forces. He realizes that he should know that Gedric looks like a Westerner. He also realizes that he died protecting Juliana from the wrath of the gods.

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Previously in Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 59

The handsome hunk learns that his sacrifice was in vain because Juliana wasn’t convicted that he was Gedric. He also protects the world from curses during the wrath of the gods. Juliana remembers the last message from Gedric and wonders if it was a love curse. She hears the handsome hunk talking like Gedrick and scolding him for being a dirty scammer and how dare he impersonate Gedrick. Juliana wanted to crush the handsome hunk’s face with her long nails and he grabbed her hands. He says that he messed up her angry face, but she always looks beautiful even when she is angry.

The handsome hunk tells Julianne that he wants her to be happy and that he really loves her smile. Julian calms down, takes a closer look at the handsome hunk, and realizes that if she dyes his hair blonde, he’s Gedric. The demonic aura changes to the aura of love, and she sheds black tears and then red tears and calls him Gedric. Gedric tells her that they should divorce because someone is trying to press him. He collapses and tells her to escape. A glass green haired lady and a brown haired warrior help Gedric.

The brown-haired warrior tells Julian to listen to him if she wants to save Gedric. Juliana wonders if those bastards are followers of the Knight Templars. The Magician Lady comes and says that Gedric Oppa belongs to her. Juliana vs. The Magician Lady begins. Juliana tells Gedric to wait and she saves him after dealing with the pesky wizard. She fights a fierce battle with the sorceress woman and wields a cursed blade. After defeating the sorcerer, Juliana dies in battle, but she transforms into a legendary sword that can communicate with Gedric.

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Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 60 Release Date

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 60 will be released on 22 September 2022. Sanghe continues his new adventures with Gedric, which will continue in the next chapters. The Regressor Instruction Manual releases a new chapter every week. You can also check the latest updates of Chapter 60 of the Regressor Instruction Manual.

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 60: Love Lost, Juliana vs. The Magician Lady


Where To Read Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 60 Online

You can read Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 60 online at various websites. The Regressor instruction manual started earlier this year and we will update it if the official website of this manga is announced. But all the chapters are released weekly. See you after Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 60 is released.

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