Where To Read Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38?

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38: the Drifting Moon’s Reaper After Pyo-Wol meets the Captain of Black Cloud Corps, Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38 starts. Beginning in the Hundred Flower Room, Jeohghwa and Ranju discuss the Emei Sect. Ran is instructed to go to the Emei Sect by Jeohghwa, and she wonders who she will meet there. Ran will be considering Master Abbess since she can handle matters from this side, according to Jeohghwa.

Jeohghwa is reminded by Ran that the master has asked her to assist Jeohghwa. Jeohghwa states that there is no need for Ran to remain because the talks with the Black Cloud Corps were successful. Ran questions whether Jeohghwa is hiding anything from her and asks why she wants to stay behind.

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She declines and states that since the master has instructed her to do so, she would remain at Jeohghwa’s side until they return. Ran says that Jeohghwa doesn’t know when they will engage in combat with the Qingcheng Sect in Chengdu, and she will be required to lend a hand if hostilities break out. Ran is yelled at to comply with the order because Jeohghwa is her senior and responds that she will use the Black Cloud Corps as her shield.

Ran agrees and promises to go to Emei Sect first thing in the morning. Jeohghwa feels relieved since Mater Abbess is giving her anxiety. Goddess Woo Seonha appears with a basket of fruit and requests permission to enter from her aunt Jeohghwa. Jeohghwa tells her to enter and queries why she needs to arrive so late at night.

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When discussing the killing of the Thunder Clan’s young master, Jeohghwa and Woo claim that the young master’s killer was the man she may be in love with. Excited that she might have located the offender, Jeohghwa asks Woo whether she is certain. She is aware that the Emei Sect is being falsely accused by the other side.

 Jeohghwa and Woo claim that the young master's killer
Jeohghwa and Woo claim that the young master’s killer

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Jeohghwa queries if the loverboy killed Nam Hosan, the youthful Thunder Clan lord. Woo responds that while she’s not quite certain, she has discovered something about the loverboy. She guarantees to deliver the loverboy to Jeohghwa. Jeohghwa understands that the loverboy could be strong since he employed a method that has never been used in a thousand years.
Woo is questioned by Jeohghwa about the loverboy’s identity. They hear the noise and rush to check out before Woo can even say who his lover boy is. When Woo and Jeohghwa get there, they discover that the Qingcheng Sect has arrived. The royals reveal that the disciple Gongseon was murdered by an assassin sent by the Qingcheng Sect.

Due of Jeohghwa’s rage at Gongseon’s passing, his nack is severed. If this is the cause of the conflict, she wonders. The leader of Black Cloud Corps discusses Gongseon’s passing with one of his disciples in the morning. Gongseon was murdered in the Hundred Flower Room, according to Jang.

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When is The Drifting Moon Chapter 38 Release Date?

On November 17, 2022, Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38 will be made available. Since they are aware that there is no stronger warrior in Sichuan who is capable of killing anyone in the manner that Gongseon was killed, Jang and his disciple are shocked to learn that an assassin of this calibre exists there. See the most recent updates for Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38.

Where To Read Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38 Online?

On the official websites, you can read Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38 online. Jang and the disciple discussed the outsider and considered if they had meddled. He understands that Pyo-Wol may be the one in charge. War was declared by Joehwang. After the publication of Reaper Of The Drifting Moon Chapter 38, let’s meet.

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