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Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 81continues after Kim enters the Dark Realm to retrieve everything he wants to awaken his hidden powers. Kim also obtains the Sword of Life, which he believes will help restore Elle, who sacrificed her life to save him. He gathers all his subordinates and decides to return to the human world. Kim successfully returns to the human world but discovers that his soul remains in the Dark Realm. Kim’s student reminds him how to get his soul back.

Bleeding begins as Kim tries to focus and his students remind him to troll himself or he will face his end. He realized that if he did nothing his soul would remain in the realm of darkness. Kim took his knife and stabbed him in the thigh. The students accept Kim’s work because it helped Kim come to her senses. They talked about changing Kim’s ship structure. A giant light appears, and the student reveals that the light is confronting his death. Kim is ordered to build a wall between his student’s death and coming to light.

He thinks about how to do it and receives the message that he can adjust the order of the ego to death, the ego region, and then end with life. Kim realizes that if he fails, he won’t last long. But he ends up regurgitating blood and falls unconscious. The student realizes that his Master Kim is on the verge of death and reminds him that he cannot die here as he has goals to achieve. Kim realizes he’s losing consciousness and tells the student not to move because he’s wasting his energy.

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Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 80 Summary

Kim learns that Rain, Hermes, and Oberon have begun moving into the Dark Realm. Later, Kim wakes up wondering what happened and wonders if his student master is okay. He woke up and asked if she was unconscious as it was dawn. Kim reveals his student’s name and calls him Lou. Lou reminds Kim to check on his ship and he learns of the new changes. Kim enters the inner world and begins to inspect the ship’s modifications. He discovers that Oberon and Raine are holding “Death” back. Kim realizes that it helps him wake up in the real world; After the work in the inner world is done, his life returns to normal.

Kim looks on the bright side and realizes that Brunheiret and Hermes are pushing “Life” back. Lou wonders if he did a great job. Kim supports Oberon, Rein, Brunhart and Hermes from the center. It is later revealed that Kim’s activation level has increased and he has grasped life. Kim has gained Level 1, Class: Ego Partner, Special Ability: Link, Skills: Assimilation, Death, Synthesis, Granting, and Life. But there is a fire giant at the 14th level of ego exposure. Kim returns to the human world and is happy that he has acquired new things.

Later, Kim drinks a portion and learns of the elixir’s power to heal his wounds. Kim asks Lou about next steps. Lou replies that Kim must practice controlling his new powers, and he knows that Kim will get used to it since he controlled death in the past. Kim demonstrates how to control death by making yellow glow around her hands. Lou admits that his master is a genius. Kim realized that he should continue training while waiting for the elders to finish fixing the Sword of Life. Lou added that Kim had more time to train and that he had conquered the Dark Kingdom.

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Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 81 Release Date

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 81 will be released on 26 September 2022. Lou brings the bodies of the Holy Sword and asks Kim to resurrect them using life force. Kim remembers the day Angel took her away from her lovely family. He resurrects the Holy Sword corpses in the next chapter. You can see the chapter 81 update below for player unable to level up.

Kim https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/uc8601r/the-player-who-can-t-level-up

Read Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 81 Online – Raw Details

You can read Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 81 online on official websites. The manga’s official website is a player for some countries. But the latest chapters and updates of the Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 81 are released every week. See you after the release of Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 81.

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