Where To Read Overgeared Chapter 153?

Overgeared Chapter 153

Duke Greed learns about his wife Iren’s pregnancy and the truth about the Silver Guild at the end of Chapter 153 of Overgeared. Five hours early at Reidan Castle, the Merger Ceremony has already started. Lauel is taken aback to learn that Duke Greed will be travelling with the other nine members of the expedition as they prepare to depart. Lauel is reminded by Duke Greed to keep everyone safe once he has left.

The Expedition Team concentrates on attack power organised in line to complete fifteen dungeons before 90 days, Lauel recalls the guys. Since their resistance was weak, Lauel also informed them about the surprise attack and urged them to open their eyes. Duke Greed is reminded of the barred entry, the fact that his knight summoning ability won’t work, and the need for everyone to be ready for the worst.

Overgeared Chapter 153
Overgeared Chapter 153

Since Lauel constantly reiterates what they already know while they are on a mission, Duke Greed comes to the conclusion that Lauel worries too much. He assures Lauel that they will return safely and that they will never break a law because they value every mission highly. Lauel understands that Duke Greed loves to play about and have fun while on the mission. If Mr. Piaro or Mr. Asmphel could join the Expedition Team, he thinks it would be reassuring.

Lauel is concerned about the NPCs whose lives might be in danger while on the expedition. The Expedition Team is informed by Duke Greed that they must go. They learn about the assassin, Faker, who is young but has grown, as they are about to depart.

Lauel understands that the expedition team is visiting the vampire cities and that vampires are actually Demons that prey on humans. He does, however, have faith in Duke and the Expedition Team to deal with the vampires.

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Overgeared Chapter 153
Overgeared Chapter 153

Lauel understands that Duke Greed cannot engage in combat with True Blood vampires with a rank of Earla or above. Duke Greed and the Expedition Team could perish, which worries him. Lauel thinks Duke Greed is always making jokes since she has never seen him exhibit his genuine abilities. He understands that the Expedition Team and Duke Greed are impregnated with immortality.

Stopping them from entering the Vampire Cities is not necessary. Lauel believes that Duke Greed and the Expedition team may learn from their mistakes and that suffering defeats is good therapy. He also remembers what Doran has learnt and knows what their teacher has taught him.

Lauel discovers the reason for his observation: Duke Greed received a master ring. However, he has observed Duke Greed’s potential to challenge the Saharan Empire. He understands that he must guard Irene until Duke Greed shows up. Lauel also discusses the Saharan Evil Empire, which wiped out numerous lesser clans.

Somewhere, Kasim, the King of Shadow, emerges. Kasim’s status as the last member of the Nero Clan was made known. The Nero Clan was wiped off by the Saharan Empire. Lauel is joined by Asmophel, who advises him to unwind now that the Duke has left. Duke Greed and the Expedition Team begin their task at the Vampire City after they arrive there later.

Despite doing a fantastic job, Duke Greed wonders why he is only level 296 and anticipates reaching level 300. He understands that there are no second or third advancement classes for the legendary classes, leaving him to rely solely on the awakening that occurs every 100 levels. Duke Greed wants to act, but the other guys tell him that they need to finish the level and go on.

Release Date for Chapter 153 of Overgeared

On November 11, 2022, Overgeared Chapter 153 will be made available. Duke Greed understands that he is the only one who can see the gleaming golden objects before him. He made the decision to buy them in order to finish the assignment promptly. Duke never stops playing once he starts, as the other warriors have come to understand. Updates for Overgeared Chapter 153 can be found below.

Online Chapter 153 of Overgeared: Raw Details

On the official websites, you can read Overgeared Chapter 153 online. The Expedition Team and Duke Greed enter the 13th Vampire City. He had the most difficult conflict and was hurt, but his friends supported him. However, they are going to complete their task and head home. Introducing Overgeared. The 153rd chapter has been published.

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