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Where To Read One Punch Man Chapter 176?

Following what happened in Chapter 175 of One Punch Man, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of One Punch Man Chapter 176. While Yusuke Murata’s comic will now be released in sections every two weeks, the exact schedule is yet to be determined. Therefore, we can only guess when the next part will be released.

Saitama was tricked into confronting Psykos by Fubuki and the Blizzard Group in the previous section. She thought the monster was going to make a request, but she was afraid to do so as she sensed another powerful Esper nearby. Although Fubuki may encounter her, this enigmatic figure arrives at Psykos by accident.

The previous chapter was very exciting and kept the readers engaged. Once you get the hang of what’s going on, they scroll down and new things come up and the story takes a new turn. As they finished the chapter, they began to yearn for more.

So, without delay, the publisher got their horses ready and everything in place to release the next chapter, and the good news is that it will release positively this week. So, all readers, get your work done and get your snacks ready because OPM is back, no, not the drug (hahaha).

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One Punch Man Chapter 176

One Punch Man Chapter 175 Recap: One of the most exciting chapters as stated by fans

After staying with Psykos, the Blizzard Group and Fubuki were drawn by Saitama in One Punch Man Chapter 175, “Visitor”. But just then the other was being approached by another esper, maybe some villain who had been running some tests on her over in his lab.

The chapter contained some memories of the earlier years of Fubuki and Psykos. They must have been schoolmates because the former made it clear that the latter was her opponent. To prevent Psykos from using her abilities while she was younger, Fubuki sealed her.

According to their backstories, Fubuki and Psykos even clashed during the Garou event and One Punch Man Section 176 readers can see the outcome of that fight.

One Punch Man Chapter 176

One Punch Man Chapter 176

One Punch Man Chapter 176 Spoilers: The results of the fight

Since Yusuke Murata faithfully adapted ONE’s webcomic into the hardcopy manga, it seems that the mangaka has now made the decision to change the plot. In the last chapter, after sensing the approach of a powerful Esper, Fubuki asked Saitama to accompany them. She asked Saitama to come along in the webcomic’s previous form, fearing Tatsumaki would stop Psykos’ interrogation.

Considering the narrative featured a named character, the next arc is expected to focus primarily on the psychic sisters Fubuki and Tatsumaki, possibly with some involvement from a group called Tsukuyomi. However, the memory battle between Fubuki and Psykos that took place during Saitama’s duel against Garou could be the next event in Chapter 176 of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man Chapter 176 Release Date

According to the manga’s regular release schedule, One Punch Man Chapter 176 is scheduled to be released between December 14th and 15th, 2022. So that you don’t miss your favorite stations, you should keep a close eye out for them.

One Punch Man Chapter 176 Release Date: Where To Read?

Shueisha’s Shounen+, released every two weeks, includes One Punch Man. But since Shueisha is in charge, you can access manga published by Shueisha Viz and manga plus. Both sites allow you to read the three latest chapters both for free and without creating an account. However, it is recommended that you register for a basic account and add the chapters you are interested in to your favorites list.

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