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One Piece chapter 1061 continues after the secrets behind Luffy’s dream are revealed. Luffy’s story continues after The Straw Hat Pirates learn of Neftari Cobra, who is rumored to have been killed by Sabo. Luffy is furious and reveals that Sabo would never do that and Robin backs him up, believing it to be an accusation.

Robin adds that the Revolutionary Army’s enemy are the world lords, no ordinary kings. The Straw Hats also learn about the missing Vivi. Luffy immediately decided to go to Arabasta. Zoro reveals that Vivi was last seen in Mary Geois and that going to Arabasta would be a waste of time. But Luffy insisted that they go there.

Zoro gets angry and kicks the chained barrel and reminds Luffy that Mary Geois is their enemy’s territory. Luffy replies that Zoro is a chicken and Zoro believes that he should gather information before going there. Sanji cries that the beautiful lady Vivi is missing and wonders what she should do. Chopper is upset that Vivi’s father is dead and remembers the last time he saw Cobra. Usopp also supports Chopper and Nami worries if Vivi is safe. Frankie and Brooke say that they will never believe that Sabo killed Cobra while Jinbee talks about Levely.

Brooke comments that she doesn’t know a person who is unhappy with the Sand Kingdom. Nami cries and Luffy yells to save Vivi. Zoro tells the crew to calm down and asks Luffy about what he remembers about Ace until Ace needs help. Zoro thinks that Vivi is treated like an ace because she is a strong woman. Nami, Luffy, Chopper and Sanji comment that Zoro can’t stop worrying about Vivi. Sanji calls Zoro different names and the two fight. Robin learns that a lot has happened while dealing with the secrets behind Wano.

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Previously in One Piece Chapter 1060

Robin spoke of the dissolution of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and sent Buggy, Crocodile, and Dracul Mihawk back into the sea, leading to the founding of the Cross Guild and Buggy’s rise to Emperor. She asks Luffy if he wants to know about the other news in the newspaper.

Luffy replied that he was leaving it in Robin’s care and that she should warn him if something big came out. Robin agrees with what Luffy said. Luffy rests on his back and comments that Sabo is innocent and also talks about his dream of giving freedom to everyone. Luffy knows that everything was taken when he and his brother were children, and his dream is to restore them.

Straw hats

He remembers Sabo, Ace and the day he made the promises. Luffy reveals what he said to his brother, which shocks everyone. Usopp wants Luffy to achieve an impossible dream. Luffy realizes that he never told his crew what he told Shanks and his brothers. He admits that it is what he wants, even if it is impossible. The crew supports Luffy’s dream and Robin reveals that they need a road poneglyph that no one has seen in years. Franky says we are leaving the laugh tale. At the Marine HQ, the Marines find out where Sabo is and learn that it is Momoiro Island in the Kingdom of Lulucia. On Momoiro Island, Sabo apologizes for everything that happened and reveals the shocking news that he didn’t kill Cobra.

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But he learns something unbelievable where he sees a mysterious figure sitting on an empty throne. Citizens notice the sky darkening and demand the release of the king and daughter. However, the elders order that the surveillance Den Den Mushi be cut off and that no one learn anything about the existence of the Lulucia Kingdom. Sabo’s fate is unknown. A few days later, The Straw Hats approach Winter Island and encounter icebergs and strong winds. Nami directs Jinbei on how they deal with the angry ocean. But Sanji and Luffy think a woman is caught in the current.

One Piece Chapter 1061 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1061 will be released on 25 September 2022. Zoro wields a katana and unleashes a current-draining one-sword style: Yakkodori. After Luffy and Chopper get blown away, the woman is Bonnie the jeweler with a prize of 320 million. The mystery behind the woman will be revealed in the next chapter of One Piece. You can check One Piece Chapter 1061 official update below.

Jewelry Bonnie

Jewelry Bonnie

Read One Piece Chapter 1061 Online – Raw Details

You can read One Piece Chapter 1061 online on Viz Media & Mangaplus. The official websites of One Piece manga are available worldwide and may contain spoilers before the manga releases its next chapter. You can also get latest news and updates of One Piece online. See you after the release of One Piece Chapter 1061.

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