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Nano Machine Chapter 123 reveals Marakim, Grand Guardian of the Heavenly Demonic Cult and Chion Encounter. This happened after Cheon became the new Heavenly Demon after defeating the Demon King and saving Mun Kun. Marakim revealed the Lord’s return after ten years.

He also stated that the Heavenly Cult would face great danger if the Lord failed to return. Cheon wonders if the Lord knows about the existence of the Six-Blade Martial School. Marakim accepted it and said it was what the Lord had told him. Cheon thinks that The Great Lord’s disappearance is related to the Six-Blade Material School.

Mun Kun approaches Grand Guardian Marakim and asks about the reasons for moving the date of the first meeting. Marakim looks at Cheon before he answers and Cheon wonders why he is looking at him.

The scene cuts to the Heavenly Demon Cult inside the Great Lord’s Palace, where a mysterious figure reveals that they lost track after the Grand Guardian went to Verston Gate. Paheon, the head of the palace guards under the lord, revealed that they were few in number and could not search the entire area. The respected gentleman in front of Paheon asked about the other two.

Paheon reveals that he received a message from someone watching over the Ghost Illusion Clan and that the Vice Lord has not yet returned. He also talked about Elder Yin Moha from the Hazy Demon Sword Clan.

The manipulative man arrives and talks about Elder Yin riding Moha because he’s not a good card and Kyung Ban-gi won’t come back alive. He kept fueling the fire and they let Yin stay with the Six Clans, which would reduce their forces and he was poison to them.

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Previously in Nano Machine Chapter 122

Acting Lord agreed to be freed from the threat. Paheon received orders to rest guardian Lee Hameng and right guardian Seob Meng and immediately sent them to prison. Returning to where Murakim, Mu Kun, and Chion are, he reveals the Divine Blood Reversion Art. He also says that Cheon Yowon’s group buried Kyun Bon’gi’s corpse far from the peak and Yowon died from using the Divine Blood Revision Art to avoid detection. But Yowun was able to restore his inner strength through meditation and Yowun was also saved in Hoha and Marakum during the meditation process.


It is also revealed that Yooun will return to the Demon Cult’s castle in the morning. Cheon and Mu Kun arrive at the gate and realize that something is strange. Both noticed that the guards at the castle gates were tighter than before.

Choen shows them his bag and they realize that the Vice Lord has returned. As he walks past the guards, he uses Nano, a telepathic message mode, and the two guards look at each other. Chion realizes that he is witnessing his last battle. He also thinks that the Lord suspects the involvement of the Grand Guardian and that everything is happening as he says.

Paheon returns and approaches the Lord with a masked warrior and reveals that they have brought the Great Guardian. The Lord told Pahen to bring in the Great Guardian. Great Guardian Makakim enters the room and gives his report. He realized that Lord Yu Zhong wasn’t the only one looking at him. Marakim realized that Yu Zhong had used his warriors to watch his movements.

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Lord Ying Jong spoke of the second elder Bon-gi. Marakim thinks Yu Jong is trying to blame Yooun for Ban-gi’s death. He explains why Yooun didn’t kill Ban-gi.

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Nano Machine Chapter 123 Release Date and Spoilers

Nano Machine Chapter 123 will be released on 23 September 2022. Manipulator Marakim can’t believe he’s siding with Yooun. Realizing that Marakim cannot proceed with his plans, Yu Zhong opens the chest with the reactant and swallows it. He believes that Marakim listens to his orders. Cheon also met in the building. The arrival of the army begins in the next chapter. Check out the latest updates of Nano Machine Chapter 123 below.

Chapter 123 of Nano Machine


Nano Machine Chapter 123 Read Online – Raw Details

You can read Nano Machine Chapter 123 online on various websites. The Nano Machine manga is back after a one-week hiatus, but with two consecutive chapters released. We will update the next chapter of Nano Machine this coming week. See you after the release of Nano Machine Chapter 123.

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