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My Hero Academia Chapter 367 continues after the mysteries behind “Full Moon”. This happens after Tomura Shigaraki starts dominating the heroes. Tomura fights without mercy and he wants to destroy everything around him. Tomura Shigaraki has been giving the heroes a hard time, and now he’s going for the kill.

However, special surprises await Tomura as the battle continues. As a result of the Quirk Singularity Tomura begins to transform into Shigaraki. But Tomura’s desire for destruction unleashes swollen fingers that overwhelm everyone and keep them within reach.

But the heroes team up and are able to overcome Tomura’s attacks. On the other hand, Eraser canceled his Super Regeneration, freeing him from the growing mental stress and accumulated damage. This transforms Erasure’s body into its ideal form. While Tomura’s body is covered with fingers, his left hand bears the five faces of the Shimura family.

Mirko tries to attach, but she receives one hard punch. Tomura continues the same attack on Sunitar and Nejire Chan. Pro hero Lemilian tries to save T Sanator, Nejire Chan and Mirko by blocking Tomura’s vision.

However, Tomura believes that he is too powerful for mere mortals and mocks Lemilian for being weak. Lemillion shuddered as he realized that this would overwhelm Tomura.

Meanwhile, Best Geneist dashes over and tries to capture him using carbon fibers, thinking this new defensive state is his last option. Lemilian packs a big punch, refuses to let up, and tries to attack Tomura like a piece of paper in the wind. Tomura attacks the best genius. Below is Tomura’s encounter as the battle continues.

Previously in My Hero Academia Chapter 366

Lemilian looks around the battlefield and notices that the Pro Heroes are barely alive and fighting against Tomura. He asks Sir Knight if this is the future he sees for himself. Fortunately, the pro heroes who are still alive receive a telepathic call from Mandalay. Mandalay gives them confidence-boosting news and asks them to lift the electromagnetic barrier. They only had two seconds to catch Tomura Shigaraki, and the best genius realized it would take longer than expected. Lemilian was still afraid of Tomura and thought about Tomura’s words.

He can’t even look at Tomura for fear of his words and immense powers. Lemilian realizes that Tomura doesn’t pay attention to him and decides to find a way to distract Tomura while the other Pro Heroes complete the mission Mandalay gave them.

This causes Lemilian to despair, but he remembers when his old master spoke important words to him and realizes that he should be smiling and that a word without humor and a smile has no bright future. Suddenly Lemilian appeared below him, surprising Tomura.

Tomura wonders if this brat is willing to die, and Lemilian tries to embarrass Tomura. Tomura stops and decides to deal with Lemilian, hoping that Lemilian will provide some amusement, but is confused as to what Lemilian is doing. The electromagnetic barrier was open and Tomura was unaware of it. While playing with Lemilian Tomura, a mysterious figure arrives with a fleet of outside fighter jets. The mysterious figure uses a black whip and lands on the pillars. Tomura looks around and realizes that the “hero” has arrived. Tomura and “Hero” looked into each other’s eyes. He was surprised when he broke without knowing it. Surprisingly the hero Izuku Midoriya joins the battle.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 will release on 25 September 2022. Tomura wonders how everything has changed since Izuku arrived. Tomura vs. Izuku Midoriya In the next chapter Tomura takes a heavy beating for injuring and killing Izuku’s friends. You can see My Hero Academia Chapter 367 official updates and recent developments of this manga below.



Read My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Online – Raw Details

You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 367 online on Viz Media & Mangaplus. The official websites of My Hero Academia Manga are available worldwide, offering free and new chapters every weekend. If you missed the previous ones, you can still access them. See you after the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 367.

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