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Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147 continues after Asano encounters a mysterious person. Asano gets into a fighting stance and attacks the mysterious man dressed as an MIB. But the Man in Black dodges Asano’s flying kick like he’s dancing. He acts like dust on top of his expensive suit, causing him to send Asa flying. Asano stepped behind the MIB, keeping his composure. He attacks again using martial art techniques, but MIB dodges all. Asano knew that no matter how tough MIB was, he would soon find an opening.

Asano’s friends arrive after Asano takes a brutal beating. Asano’s face and lips were beaten to a pulp. MIB continues to destroy Asano’s face. The two girls intervene and reveal MIB’s true identity by calling him Kyoichiro. After realizing that Asano has taken enough hits they ask Kyoichiro to stop. But Kyoichiro continues to hit Asano and the girls pull him back. He asked them why they were stopping him.

Kyoichiro reminds the girls that Asano didn’t tap out and that he should stay with him until he comes out. The black haired girl replied that Kyoichiro didn’t give Asano a chance to press.

She also said that if she does that again, she won’t talk to her anymore. But even if he doesn’t promise, she keeps showering him with love. Asano was smiling with a bloody face as his head rested on the girl’s chest. He realized that he was comfortable, and his head was resting on something soft.

Kyoichiro reveals that Asano was the one who challenged him, and he paid the price for challenging the martial arts master. Asano reveals that Kyoichiro is training him because he lacks and wants to improve.

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Previously in Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 146

Asano reveals his weaknesses and if he improves during the brutal training, he can become an ace in battle. He reveals that he can become better than Mitsumi. He apologized that their training looked like a real battle. Mitsumi slaps Asano since she thinks the two are actually fighting instead of training. He asks Mitsumi not to worry about him as everything will be fine and he will be cured in no time. Kyoichiro also sent Asano a flying genie since he was talking to his loves and they couldn’t give him time. Mitsumi can’t believe that Kyoichiro told him to stop hitting Asano, but he repeats the same thing.


The team talks about Shion as they try to reveal Momo’s location. They realize that Asano needs to prepare quickly. Kyoichiro believes that the fastest and easiest way for Asano is to defeat him, which will help him improve quickly. The third girl believes that the Yozakuras are too much and steps in front of Kyoichiro. She realized that Kyoichiro was busy with intense training. They sit next to Asano who wants to get better quickly and Mitsumi and her friends comfort him to take one step at a time.

Mitsumi’s friends use her powers to heal Asano and say that normal people have their style. Asano was surprised to see the bruises and bruises on his body disappearing. The girl reveals what she did to Asano and she can sense what his body needs. Asano realized that he had fully recovered and decided to continue intense training. Kyoichiro thought Asano would relax first, but they decided to fight without backing down. Asano unlocks another level and Kyoichiro realizes that the previous techniques won’t work.

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Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147 Release Date

Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147 will be released on 25 September 2022. Asano’s intense training continues, but despite his improvements, Kyoichiro proves that there are levels to these things. Kyoichiro also showed Asano the surviving Hakka White Flower technique. This intense training ends in the next chapter. Let’s see the meter below after Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147 official updates.

Kyo Where To Read Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147


Where To Read Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147 Read Online – Raw Details

You can read Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147 online on Viz Media & Mangaplus. Mission Yozakura Family Manga updates latest news and ne w chapters every week. Spoilers for Mission Yozakura Family come out the day before the manga releases a new chapter. See you after the release of Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147.

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