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Where To Read Magic Emperor Chapter 355? release date

Magic Emperor Chapter 355 – This is the story of Zhuo Yi-Fan, who was always the strongest of all. He was the Demonic Emperor, the eighth Emperor of the Sacred Domains, and the most powerful of all Emperors. One fateful day he laid hands on a coveted treasure, The Nine Serenities Secret Scriptures Of The Nine Serenities Emperor.

Because so many powerful people searched for this book, they learned that it was finally found by none other than the formidable Zhuo Yi fan. Since then, Zhuo Yi-Fan has been repeatedly attacked by other emperors to get the book from him.

Zhuo Yi-Fan was betrayed even by his own student, but the book enabled him to escape every time, and his powers grew to an incredible extent. Zhuo Yi-Fan had an idea and decided to blow himself up along with the book. But it’s not over yet.

Ever since Zhuo Yi fans power grew, he knew how to separate his soul and he did just that before dying in the physical realm. After many, many years, the wandering soul of Zhuo Yi-Fan came into contact with and became obsessed with a boy named Zhuo Fan. Zhuo Fan was a servant of the Luo clan and promised them his life and service.

It was Zhuo Fan’s resentment that he could not protect the Luo clan that drew Zhuo Yi-Fan’s soul to him as he lay dying. With this new body, Zhuo Yi-Fan vowed to take revenge on those who persecuted and betrayed him. Little did he know that he would be bound by Zhou Fan’s intense desire to protect the Luo clan. Now, in order to be freed from the Heart Demon, Zhuo Yi-Fan must grant Zhuo Fan’s wishes and devote himself to protecting the clan before he can realize his desire for revenge.

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Magic Emperor Chapter 354 Recap

This chapter is entitled “Turning the tables”. Zhou Fan successfully defeated all his enemies and completely surprised them all. They couldn’t understand how it happened because one of them tore out Zhou Fan’s right arm. They slowly realized what had happened.

Zhou Fan intentionally let her take his right arm. It was all part of his plan. Victory got into their heads, and they were careless, thinking Zhou Fan would die. They were then tricked into taking the rigged pills, leading to their downfall.

Magic Emperor Chapter 355

But they still couldn’t believe what had happened since the pills were stamped with Fang Quibai’s seal. Then they realized they had a traitor inside. Yan Fu betrayed them and joined Zhou Fan’s side. He was the one who manipulated the pills.

Yan Fu said he had a hard time at Pill King Hall since his master left. Also, before he left, his master had left him a message saying that if he finds it difficult to stay in the Pill King Hall, he should come to Zhou Fan to find his master.

After explaining his betrayal, he declared to everyone present that from that moment he belonged to the Lou clan. Suddenly, one of the enemies yelled at the others to attack as Zhou Fan lay on his deathbed. But Zhou Fan reminded her that although he lost an arm, his soul is in the radiant phase.

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When is the Magic Emperor Chapter 355 release date?

This manhwa is known to be published every Saturday, so the Magic Emperor Chapter 355 release date is coming up January 28, 2023. There are only a few days left before we find out what happens in the next chapter. The spoilers for Magic Emperor Chapter 355 have not yet been released, but we can assume that Zhou Fan wins the current fight since his soul is in the Radiant Stage. Also, we can see more of Yan Fu in his new life with the Lou clan, and maybe even meet his master.

Where can you read Magic Emperor Chapter 355 Read Online

The latest chapter Magic Emperor Chapter 355 of this manhwa can be found online at various sites. But most of these sites are illegal so it is recommended that you do not read them from there to support the author. Magic Emperor doesn’t have an official website yet, but we’ll update it as soon as it does.

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