Where To Read How to Live as a Villain Chapter 62?

How to Live as a Villain Chapter 62 reveals the battle between the Sword Master and the Swordsmen. Ghost Manipulator Seonhoon made his god after manipulating Kang and Baek. He travels to another city with Mi Renae and completes new missions. The battle begins as Divine Sea Ranking 3rd Ken Shin is talking to the other Swakarmen, asking them if they will continue since they have already wasted four days. Divine Sea representative Ryosuke reveals that Shingo is missing and they can’t solve the problem by escaping. Ryosuke tells his team to be ready to face anything, and it could be a monster or an alien.

Ken comments that no one can defeat them and that the Divine Sea is invincible. He reminds Ryosuke and the others of their second awakening; This energy is close to the gods. Ken thinks their subordinate has been kidnapped or killed because they can’t wait for anything since they haven’t returned. He also reminds the crew of what the citizens think of them as they await miracles. One of them talks about waiting for a day.

The crew realizes that Uchida will arrive in the morning and there will be eight other people in the second wake. After Uchida and the rest of the team arrive they decide to form an exploration team. Ken wanted to say something and another warrior came in and said he had urgent news. The warrior reveals the man he saw and when he tries to approach him, he runs away. Ken wonders who those guys are and the warrior reveals that they might be Chinese or Korean. In the morning, Kong reports using the Ghosts Manipulator’s information and everything is true.

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Previously on How to Live as a Villain Chapter 61

Kang Dik dies saying that they must gather a team to meet the enemy and that the Ghost Manipulator is not deceiving them. The purple haired woman thinks that if they take the whole army, it’s like restarting the war. Kong agrees and if they take some, the enemy will think they are not there to fight and will take advantage. They later decided to hire 46 warriors, 20 archers and ten mages. Realizing that Kang and Baekwoo had chosen an elite force of rankers. Both the leader and the army adviser.

Ghost Manipulator, Seonghan and Mi Rene join their army. He looked up at the sky and said he had never seen it rain. Mi Renae comments that there are clouds and they can’t be sure it won’t rain. Seonghoon says he wants to make it rain. He hides his name and the likes of Kong call him Ghost. Kong’s friend wonders why they let that ghost dude join them. Kong realizes that Ghost told him important information about the Second Awakening, so he allows Ghost to join them.

He’s Ghost smart, but he’s helping them, and they’re taking advantage of him, and he can’t turn Ghost into an enemy. Kong is annoyed with Ghost, but is happy that Ghost always brings important information. He talks to Baekwoo about Ghost and Baekwoo wonders why Kang Ghost is so hard to trust.

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Kang replies that no one knows and what if Ghost tortures some Japanese for information. The demon heard it and started sweating. Mi Renae wonders if Ghost feels cold, and replies that it’s just cold. They encounter Ryosuke and his army and Ken asks about the Japanese hostage, which Kong denies.

Kong army

Kong army

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How to Live as a Villain Chapter 62 Release Date

How to Live as a Villain Chapter 62 will be released on 21 September 2022. The Ghost Manipulator realizes that Ken is clever and uses his manipulative skills to trick Ken. Ken wonders what kind of name Ghost is and asks if he’s a clown. Ghost replies that he has manners, unlike Ken. Ken attacks Ghost, but Mi Rene blocks his sword. Ken vs. Me Rene starts in the next chapter. You can also watch how to live as a villain chapter 62 raw details online.

Where To Read How to Live as a Villain Chapter 62?

You can read How to Live as a Villain Chapter 62 online at various websites. The How to Live a Villain manga has yet to reach its peak and has many chapters to offer, although the official website has yet to reveal it. See you after the release of Chapter 62 of How to Live as a Villain.

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