Where To Read Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 86?

Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 86 returns after a weekly hiatus revealing the love story between Shiki and Sayu. Shiki and Sayu reunite after Sayu learns that Shiki is out of town and they still haven’t confessed their feelings. Sayu’s grandmother confirms that this is a good opportunity for Sayu, but she must not do things she will regret. Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 86 begins after Sayu and Shiki meet at night.

Shiki and Sayu have the best moment of their lives and they almost kiss but realize they are in the open. The chapter opens with Sayu reminiscing about his grandfather who came to take Shiki away. Shiki is happy to spend time with Sayu, albeit for a short time.

Realizing that they have more to say, Sayu asks Shiki if they can meet again the next day. Shiki realizes that he must see his mother in the hospital the next day. But he cannot refuse Sayu as she travels with him. Shiki tells Sayu that they can meet in the afternoon. Sayu agrees and states that she wants to take Shiki somewhere.

Both agreed to go somewhere the next afternoon. Sayu reminds Shiki to call her when he’s ready. Shiki agrees, and Sayu hears his cell phone ringing and realizes it’s his grandfather. The two separate, and Sayu meets his grandfather. Sayu asks her grandfather to open the trunk to keep her belongings.


Ken Aquino admits that his niece has grown up and she has changed. He asks if she has found someone she likes. Sayu realizes that her grandfather has sensed what happened between her and Shiki, but she decides to play it hard.

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Entering Sayu Ken’s car, Shiki decides not to hide anything as a girl is not one to hide from her relatives or parents. She admits that she has found “someone” and Ken is happy that she is not hiding the “someone” she is in love with. Meanwhile, Shiki arrives at the hotel and relaxes without thinking about Sayu.

He starts thinking about his and Sayu’s next day and wonders where it will be. Shiki remembers when he and Sayu almost kissed, and she tells him that it will be a real kiss next time, but she doesn’t finish her line. Shiki realized that he couldn’t think too much of the word kiss since it wasn’t just the two letters “KI” to begin with.

He realized that he didn’t know what he would do if things turned out the way he thought. Shiki believes that he already knows what he feels in his heart and all that is left is for Sayu to tell him. But he knew Sayu was feeling the same. The day of the school trip begins in the morning and Sayu’s best friend Fuyuki notices that Sayu is not at school. Fuyuki talks to her friends and Misa sensei greets her.

Hokkaido gals are super adorable!  Chapter 86

Hokkaido gals are super adorable!

Students are preparing for their trip. Misa realizes that Fuyuki is in the same group as Sayu, but Sayu is not around. Fuyuki wants them to go with Sayu. At Sayu’s grandparents, she wakes up and meets Reiko Akino. Reiko promises to hide Sayu’s secrets from her parents and to treat her to a delicious meal.

Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 86 Release Date

Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 86 will be released on 11 October 2022. Later Sayu and Shiki meet, and Sayu reveals that they are going on a private field trip to the first destination. Hokkaido gals are super adorable! The manga comes out every two weeks. Check out how awesome Hokkaido gals are! Chapter 86 official updates are below.

Read Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 86 Online – Raw Details

You can read Hokkaido Girls Are Super Adorable! Online Chapter on MangaPlus and Viz Media 86. Hokkaido gals are super adorable! The manga’s official websites offer free chapters. The secret behind Sayu and Shiki’s private field trip destination will be revealed in the next chapter of Hokkaido Girls Are Super Adorable! See you later Hokkaido gals are super adorable! Chapter 86 is released.

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