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The Battle of Eleceed is far from over as Kaiden goes all out to punish The Frame for his sins. Eleceed chapter 213 reveals the aftermath of Kaden’s arrival, who despite apologizing for hurting his special student Seo Jiwoo, punishes Frame’s subordinates. Frame thinks they can make peace, never intending to hurt Seo, but Kayden refuses, saying that whoever touched the Spatial will have to pay with their lives. Realizing that he needs to teach Cayden a lesson because he can’t make peace, Frame makes him eat the words “peace”.

Curtin unwraps a shield and rescues the man with So Jiwoo before Kaiden arrives. He knows that once Cayden gets angry, he will destroy everything around him and this will kill innocent people. Everyone is at Curtin’s Shield as Kayden vs. The Frame begins the second round. Cayden can’t take back his words and everyone has seen that nothing will stop him from getting revenge on someone special. After killing the guy in front of him, he tells Frame that he’s next. Frame wonders if Cayden is underestimating him since he’s not one to die instantly from weak punches.

Kayden vs. The Top Ten are also ready for an emergency if any mishap occurs among The Frame. Curtin is furious that he can’t control Kaiden, and his rampage has reached a boiling point. Frame notices that his body is destroyed and covered in blood not even thirty seconds into the battle. He wonders what Kaiden has done to ruin a time like this. Kayden looks away, takes something unique and laughs, realizing that the frame is F-Up. Frame realized he was bragging too much and Kaiden could finish him at any time. He knows that forgiveness will not save him, but his death will make him RIP.

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Previously in Eleceed Chapter 212

Kaiden kills The Frame without touching the beast, and The Frame is confused, wondering if Kaiden is using a wizard trick to enchant him. The superiors watching the battle realize that Kaiden is not a man to be messed with as he can defeat his enemy in the blink of an eye. The higher level agreed that only Cayden’s combat ability was close to or could surpass the top ten. Kaiden was now covered in a greenish-blue-like electrical energy and his pupil turned white as he prepared to finish the frame.

Eleceed Chapter 213

Frame is now desperate and berates Kaiden for sitting up with blood, believing that he will make Kaiden pay. Cayden smiled, saying that Frame was tired even though it was just a warm-up. Frame opens his mouth in shock, nearly hitting the ground. He can’t believe all the damage was done in preparation and wonders what will happen to Cayden’s body when he turns serious. Cayden says that even if their past rivalry is over, he won’t be on the good side. Frame admits they used to be enemies.

Frame summons his clones, believing they will buy him time to recover. Cayden replies that he will continue to kill them one by one. Frame realizes there’s no way to escape and there’s no way he’s going to die, but he has to find a way out after taking something away. Cayden adds that he will kill everyone until The Frame ceases to exist. The superiors wonder if Caden is bragging that he can single-handedly kill The Frame, as The Frame has multiple bodies and can come back to life at will.

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Eleceed Chapter 213 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 213 will release on 28 September 2022. Frame and the second realize that Kaiden is too injured to face them, but they can launch a surprise attack. Frame wonders if this is a trap to kill him and Cayden has no choice but to survive the barrage. Kaiden asks The Frame to fight and stand there thinking. You can check Eleceed Chapter 213 details below.



Eleceed Chapter 213 Read Online – Raw Details

You can read Eleceed Chapter 213 online on official websites. Curtin is irritated by Cayden’s behavior because he can fix this at once. Kayden attacks, but his lighting strike is blocked by Top 10 under The Frame, Andre. Kaden Curtin cast Seo Jiwoo as Andre Vs. Kaiden starts in the next chapter. See you after the release of Eleceed Chapter 213.

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