Where To Read Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302?

Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302 reveals Itsuki’s determination as he tries to cover for his comrade Inajitsu. It was after a long battle between the two teams that both sides realized that they might lose a single point. Sawamura and Miyuki are the most feared guys in this game, and their opponents know that they can change this game at any time. The likes of Itsuki must come up with a plan to thwart Sawamura and Miyuki’s dominance. This was one of the best matches between Sawamura and Miyuki as they were ready to show their opponent what they were capable of.

We witnessed one of the great historical matches in the previous meeting between these two teams. Eujin also tries to get points for his team, which results in the batters going down to 5, 6 and 7. As the current matches go, Naruyimi is on the bat and ready to put on a great performance. The chapter opens with Narumiya batting and he connects with the ball flying as he tries to score points for his team. He proves to be a threat to the team, but the other team’s players are ready to face him. After Narumi connects, the ball goes to right field, but Shirsu is in his way.

This sent the audience into a frenzy and the fans of both the teams cheered for their favorite teams, motivating the players to perform at their best. However, this match reveals the true potential of Itsuki, who is ready to analyze the game and notice something about his opponents. Sawamura, Miyuki and the other team players also have plans and know what they will do if their opponents try to trick them during the game to confuse them. Let’s see what Mei, Itsuki and Inajitsu do as the game goes on.

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Formerly Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302

The chapter is titled “The Power of Love.” Mei also manages to land a nice hit to RF that forces Shiras to chase and it hits, but it hits the edge of the fence. However, the shot was not a HR, but a double instead. Mei managed to get to 2nd, but was furious after realizing his shot was going to be out. Inajitsu’s dugout was angry, but later they were agitated. For Itsuki, when he gets his chance to bat, they sing Harada’s walk-up song, “African Symphony.”

They cheer for Inajitsu, and Miyuki realizes something and says that the atmosphere is even as he realizes it’s like an Ugumori game. Miyuki communicates with Sawamura, who realizes what Miyuki is signaling to him. “Let’s shut them down,” Dew realizes, which pleases Sawamura and replies to Miyuki with his smile, showing that the game is on. Both teams prepare and they prepare to show which team is the best. Itsuki shows a new move and takes a bunt stance as he gets ready to bat.

However, his first pitch was a cutter, and Itsuki bunts it for a foul. Itsuki took another batting stance preparing to hit the next pitch, but the 2nd pitch was a splitter and they thought it was a ball. Letting Itsuki waste Inajitsu’s effort makes him realize that he has to cover up for Inajitsu. But Sawamura pitches a cutter that surprises the stranded Itsuki and sends it to center field. Touzou fails to catch it and falls, Tadano runs up showing fist pumps in the air. Mei also saw his chance and started running.

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Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302 Release Date

Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302 will release on 13 September 2022. This manga has been released for a while and the latest chapter of Diamond No Ace – Act II was released a few days ago as the manga is back from hiatus. It takes a break every month and sometimes releases two chapters a month. You can watch the raw details of Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302 online.

Diamond No Ace - Act II Chapter 302: Tadanos Resolve

Diamond No Ace – Act II

Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302 Read Online – Raw Details

You can read Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302 online on various websites. Official websites for fans to read the latest chapters of the Diamond No Ace – Act II manga are yet to be revealed. But you can get all the chapters of Diamond No Ace – Act II online and new chapters are available every week if you don’t take a break. See you after the release of Diamond No Ace – Act II Chapter 302.

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